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The Promise of Cloud Computing for SMB’s

cloud computing

Cloud computing

Cloud Computing makes sense for a small business

Cloud Computing in the public cloud environment refers to users connecting to software applications that run data transactions in a shared multi-tenant environment on the internet. Users can connect to applications of their choice at any day, any time with any Internet enabled device.

In today’s ‘hyper-connected’ digital world, cloud computing delivers to SMB’s the ability to conduct business virtually anywhere. Business can now be conducted at your customer’s site, while travelling, at the office, or from home.

With this capability, orders are not lost in the sales funnel due to improper data and duplication of effort is avoided with significant time savings due to optimized processes.

How does technology impact an SMB

This is a giant leap forward in how SMB’s use technology as most business personnel are in the field and have to access real time data to make decisions and create offers for customers. The cloud computing solution eliminates the need for SMB’s to invest in unnecessary ‘back office’ technology by providing everything in a subscription based environment.

SMB’s gain all the benefits of this most powerful technology without having to purchase additional hardware and licenses or needing experts to manage the technology.

An SMB and an ERP

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is an integrated suite of applications that can automate and control an organization’s entire business processes. Companies use an ERP to improve efficiency, deliver better customer service, reduce operating costs, support growth and enhance their profits.

Using an ERP system on the cloud could be more secure than you might think. Current levels of security capability of cloud computing challenge and may surpass even those of on-premise systems.

For small and mid-sized businesses, cloud-based ERP systems provide the same functionality and tools that only the bigger players have access to in high priced on premise ERP solutions.

Why choose a Cloud ERP

The cloud takes ERP to a whole new level with the ability to do business anytime, anywhere, and from any device with internet access.

The cloud is already the preferred choice for ERP solutions due to its affordability, anytime/anywhere access, lower financial barriers as well as minimal set up times.

Some of the key advantages of a cloud ERP solution are especially relevant for small businesses:

ERP evaluation criteria before selecting a Cloud ERP

Key cloud computing ERP evaluation criteria must be taken into account before selection of any cloud ERP:

Why Versa Cloud ERP

We at Versa have created a secure cloud based comprehensive ERP solution that is mobility ready. The Versa Cloud ERP system is accessible anytime, and on any smart mobile device. It could help you redefine the way you operate and grow your business.

Versa Cloud ERP is designed for fast growing businesses, between $1-$50M in annual revenue, looking to upgrade business management solutions. Our solution is highly capable, affordable and easy to use by small and mid-sized businesses.

With the Versa Cloud ERP solution, you have complete business functionalities built into one solution. There are customization options with easy migration from and compatibility with respect to other leading systems/solutions.

Built with the latest cloud and mobile technology, it allows businesses to automate and optimize their operations across multiple companies, countries, and currencies with one integrated ERP system.

We will help you in a structured manner to migrate your data seamlessly from your current solution.

To know more, please visit or contact us directly.

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