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Cautious Mindsets against leveraging Cloud ERP software

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Cautious Mindsets against leveraging Cloud ERP software

As a result of cautious mindsets against Cloud ERP software, you may be missing out on strategic business advantages.

The common mindsets heard against cloud ERP software adoption are:

Embrace change and scale your business with the modern solutions of a mobile ERP.

Embrace change and scale your business with the modern solutions of a mobile ERP.

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#1:  ”I am satisfied with the way things are, I don’t wish to change my way of doing business”

By remaining comfortable and doing what they were doing, they fail to notice changing business environments.

That means customer needs, market dynamics, and technologies that catalyze business success and soon would be irrelevant. Leading the business to bow out from the market.

An affordable option like cloud ERP software exists. Providing better functionality and seamless migration, anyone can decide which way makes more business sense.

#2 – ”It’s not safe. I don’t want to lose control of my business data”

In the past, keeping all data, processes, reports, and communications within the company was believed to be safe and secure.

However, this has changed as security expertise on the cloud is far better and there are more automated recovery options.

With cloud ERP software, the only loss of control is the hassle of doing it yourself. Since it is automated and the vendor is liable for it. Though you still remain in the driving seat.

#3 –  “I don’t want to spend more on Technology”

Technology, when selected and deployed properly always brings more to the business than its associated costs.

With cloud ERP software adoption, you save money and generate a better return on investment. As the costs of the technology are acted out as a subscription fee over the useful life of the solution.

You need to pay a subscription fee just like your telephone or gas connection. Moreover, in cloud ERP software you don’t need to make any capital expenditure. The investments are broken up and are like smaller operating expenses. Additionally, the options for upscaling or downscaling are based on your need.

Cloud ERP software TCO is lesser than the TCO of the other ERP technology that you currently use with comparable functionality and features.

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We at Versa Cloud ERP have created a multi-award-winning, secure, comprehensive Cloud ERP solution that is e-commerce and mobility ready.

The Versa Small Business Cloud ERP dba Versa system is accessible anytime and on any smart mobile device. It provides support for e-Commerce and Multi-Channel Retail including integration with 3rd party e-commerce platforms as well as POS systems.

Most importantly, the Versa Cloud ERP system includes the ability to remotely manage Master Data on multiple e-commerce and POS systems including product description, pricing, images, etc.

Above all, our solution is affordable and targeted at SMBs and includes dedicated support. Customers from diverse industry verticals use it to redefine the way they do business and grow their businesses. For instance, customers ranging from manufacturing, retail, pharmaceuticals, and eCommerce have experienced ease in doing business with a cloud ERP.

Our solution is designed for fast-growing businesses with revenue between $1-$50 M annually.

Versa cloud ERP will enable businesses to upgrade from solutions like entry-level accounting products or mid-tier legacy on-premise ERP systems. Also, those looking at comprehensive and affordable ERP solutions.

Versa Cloud ERP is designed from the ground up with the latest cloud and mobile technology. Our solution enables businesses across multiple companies, countries, and currencies to automate and optimize their operations.

We will help you in a structured manner to migrate your data seamlessly

You can also find the best ERP fit for your fast-growing businesses with Versa Cloud ERP resources. 

Cloud ERP software has taken the ERP world by storm. They are quickly replacing the legacy software used by businesses. Above all, a Cloud ERP is equipped with customizable features and can be scaled as per the user’s requirement. To make the most out of the business users need to explore the best Cloud ERP fit for their business and make a move.

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Best ERP for SAAS companies: Versa Cloud ERP

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