Eliminate the Need to Trade-off the Capability You Need Against the Price You Can Afford

Even though it is likely that the Versa system is more modern and powerful than the business systems used by your largest competitors it is also simple and affordable enough for businesses of every size.

Subscriptions to use the Versa Cloud ERP system can be based either on the number of Users needed by the customer or the customer’s trailing 12 months of Revenue (unlimited Users). Both Users and Revenue based Subscription Plans offer unlimited access to Versa Cloud software functionality.

User Based Subscription Plan

# Full Users Subscription Fee per Year
1 USD $ 1,800
2 USD $ 3,510
3 USD $ 5,130
4 USD $ 6,660
5 USD $ 8,100
10 USD $ 13,950
15 USD $ 17,550
20 USD $ 19,260

Revenue Based Subscription Plan

Prior 12 Mo Revenues Subscription Fee per Year
Less Than/Equal to USD $500k USD $ 2,500
USD $1M USD $ 5,000
USD $2M USD $ 9,650
USD $3M USD $ 13,950
USD $4M USD $ 17,950
USD $5M USD $ 21,500
USD $10M USD $ 34,250
USD $15M USD $ 38,250

Optional assistance with System Setup and Data Migration


Guided Self Service

Full Service



USD $150/Support Ticket Or USD $250/Hr for assistance if required

USD $4,500

One Entity Additional Entities Extra




Customer does all the work and seeks assistance as needed.

Customer does all the work lifting Versa advises

Versa Consultants do most of the work Customer assists

Systems Provided

  • Production System
  • Empty Production System
  • Empty Test System
  • Populated Demo System
  • Empty Production System
  • Empty Test System
  • Populated Demo System


  • Initial Kickoff Meeting
  • Knowledgebase
  • Fee based Implementation assistance
  • Versa Implementation Support Team
  • Initial Kickoff Meeting
  • 8 Weekly pre-Go-live Implementation Meetings
  • 8 Weekly post-Go-live Stabilization Meetings
  • On Demand Implementation assistance during pre-Go-Live and Stabilization Phase
  • Versa Implementation Team
  • Unlimited implementation meetings and assistance during pre-Go-Live and Stabilization Phases


Customization is Limited to

  • Forms
  • Reports
  • Existing Standard Integrations

No API Access

  • None
  • None

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