Versa Cloud ERP Frequently Asked Questions

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How is the VersAccounts solution different?

When successful small businesses outgrow spreadsheets and entry-level accounting systems, they need an affordable, easy way to automate their operations and enable connectivity to leverage the global capabilities available through a wide variety of e-commerce, logistics, payment and other platforms necessary to compete in today’s world.

Can VersAccounts be integrated easily with other applications?

Yes, via file exchange or via the open REST API provided by VersAccounts.

Can additional functionality be added and/or can existing functionality be customized to a businesses’ specific requirements?

Yes. This can be done via the REST interface or by making customer specific changes to the base VersAccounts software.

Can my historical data be migrated from my current system?

Yes. Depending on your current system, the cost to transfer data will vary and there may be some limitations.

What technology is used in the VersAccounts solution?

VersAccounts is built on a LAMP stack of PostgreSQL, Linux, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and hosted on Amazon Web Services and Rackspace.

How is support provided?

24x7x365 support is provided via phone, email, or Skype. Support is provided for five designated named users as part of the basic subscription. Additional users may be added.

How long does it take to implement the VersAccounts solution?

A VersAccounts implementation can take one to six weeks depending on the customer’s availability.

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