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Versa Cloud ERP is a software publisher whose products include the Versa Cloud ERP Small Business Cloud ERP business management system—a modern all-in-one software solution designed to help 21st century distributors, e-tailers and light manufacturers. Our target includes SMBs with annual revenues between $1-$50M efficiently and easily manage the increasing complexity of their rapidly growing businesses.

Unlike traditional accounting and ERP solutions that were built before the internet, mobility, and globalization—the Versa Small Business Cloud ERP system has been designed from the ground up with SMBs in mind. Modern SMBs are operating on a global stage with a need for software that is easy to connect to other systems and services, and supports global operations.

Capabilities include multi-entity accounting, advanced inventory and warehouse management, purchasing and order management, distribution, production, CRM, e-commerce, projects and BI—packaged together in a single, complete, affordable, software package. We make it easy to purchase, implement, learn, and use via self-service.



Cultural fit is the most important characteristic that we look for in our colleagues at Versa Cloud ERP. Starting with a positive can-do attitude. The glass half-full person. Not the dreamer. But the pragmatist who sees the obstacles but also sees a way around them. Or over them. Or through them. With a strong bias for action. Someone who will try it out and see what happens rather than spend that time on analysis of what might happen Delivering results and meeting commitments is very important. Our goals are aggressive and we do what we promise. We don't sandbag. We enjoy what we do and have fun doing it. Teamwork is critical. Integrity is highly rated. Both intellectual as well as personal. We work transparently with no hidden agenda. We treat others fairly. And we are honest in all our interactions. We are respectful. All the time. To everyone. We strongly believe that everyone has something to contribute and the team as well as our customers and partners are best served by building people up rather than tearing them down. We are agile. Not just in engineering, But across the organization. Not just in execution. But in our thinking. We take small steps, evaluate results, and course correct as required. Continuously. Our approach to everything is incremental. We view progress in terms of the learning we have gained and how it is applied to take the next step. We are customer focused. In fact we are customer obsessed. We are empowered. Our org-chart is flat. And inverted. With the customer on top. We don't have much time for fancy offices. And boring titles Skills count, but the ability to learn new things quickly and apply them as you are still learning counts even more. Experience, is interesting. But what really matters is what you have learnt from the time you have put in. From your successes. And more so from your failures. And yes. We do try and hire the smartest people we can find. But never by compromising any our values. Sound like people you would like as friends? Colleagues?

Compensation and Benefits

Competitive base salary and bonus schedule. Versa Cloud ERP' current benefits program includes medical and dental coverage and PTO. As the company grows, we expect to offer: 401k, Disability, Flexible Spending Accounts and Employee Referral Bonus Plans.

Think you're a fit?

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