Chances are you’re an Amazon shopper — whether you’re a dedicated Prime user, or just periodically shop out of convenience, it’s almost hard to remember what shopping was like before the mega-store.

But, just how did Amazon get to where it is today? Was it their prices? Selection? Service?

Ultimately, the answer lies in the company’s ability to be innovative, agile, and data-driven. In the very beginning, Jeff Bezos chose books as Amazon’s primary product because of the industry’s massive record of individual SKU’s. A brick and mortar bookstore would never be able to offer all the books in the world in a physical store, but you could do it online. Thus, he changed the industry by creating the “world’s largest bookstore.”

Fast forward to today, and substantially more industries are being affected by Amazon’s presence. But industries aren’t changing just because Amazon emerged as a competitor, customer expectations have dramatically changed as well.

Competition between businesses will always be ubiquitous, but it can be argued that in “The Age of Amazon” businesses must also compete against a new level of customer expectation to win. They expect outstanding product selection, lightning-fast shipping, spectacular customer service, and more.

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