Change Your ERP, Change Your Business Process


The business process model of a Cloud ERP is a standard model used by all except in highly specialized domains. With a standard business process structure you reap time tested advantages in business process management.

The Cloud ERP that you choose may have a work flow that is different from your current one. It is necessary that you modify your actual business processes based on the ERP so that there is no future disruption.

Without doing so, you will not be able to leverage proper productivity benefits from the ERP solution.

Best Practices in Business Process Management and Cloud ERP Integration

Managing Exceptions

Manage unavoidable true exceptions only and automate everything else: Have a plan to bring them on board too with the help of the solution provider. Make sure that your chosen solution offers easy configurable forms so you can set up protocol for typical processes, work flow expectations, and processing schedules. With this protocol in place, you can reduce your workload by enabling most orders to flow through the system without user action. For orders that don’t conform to any rule, it should mark that order and send it to someone who can troubleshoot it and put it back in the processing queue. This will free up more time for your team to focus on strategic issues.

Shift work flows online

Workflow delays often occur because workflows take an off-line detour. The goal of an ERP system should be to streamline, simplify and integrate all processes into a single automated flow. Any business process is a flow through a sequence of modules. The key differentiator of excellence is where modules are programmed to interact with each other in an automated manner instead of requiring user intervention every time.

Results and Strategy

Define, refine, and repeat until you get the results that you wanted: No matter how detailed an approach that you take, the first iteration of the new workflow is unlikely to be the best. Even with many people working on the same issue, it will still not be without possibility of future optimization. Improvement will be a continuous process like the Deming’s cycle- Plan, Do, Check, Act.

Why Versa Cloud ERP

We at Versa have created a multi award winning secure cloud based comprehensive ERP solution. It addresses key issues of the small business domain in the most effective manner possible.

Our solution is designed for fast growing businesses, between $1-$50M in annual revenue, looking to upgrade business management solutions. Our solution is built to be capable, affordable and easy to use by small and mid-sized businesses. It has easy customization options and is based on a standard time tested business process model.

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