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Multi-entity capabilities are a common need for many growing companies.  With the acquisition of new businesses, geographic growth, new product line expansions, or other factors your ERP needs to grow with you and add on to such capabilities without adding complexity.

Versa Cloud ERP can support multiple entities all through one dashboard and do much more.

  • Manage Multiple PNL: Versa enables a dashboard view to present the relevant information to the user at a glance and allows businesses to manage multiple PNL in one dashboard.

Multi Entity Dashboard View

  • Consolidated financials across entities in Multiple Currencies: Versa facilitates multi-entity management by showing the status of the functions in multiple currencies and gives a consolidated view of the AR/AP Overdue, Sales growth, and Cash.

Multi Entity Consolidated Financials

  • Manage Multiple Entities on one Dashboard: Above all Versa allows businesses to automate and optimize operations with the Multi-Entity Management feature to manage and scale multiple companies, warehouses, countries, and currencies, from one integrated ERP system.

Moreover, the Dashboard also allows users to customize/reorganize the view/information as per the relevance of different functions to their business. The user can also drill down other details from the dashboard for quick access to any information.

Because each entity can have individual currency, its own set of customers, and suppliers. E-commerce stores as well as separate financial data and inventory. Versa can support:

  • Multiple Users: Manage multiple users and warehouses, unlimited companies, and multiple Shopify carts. In addition, user access can be controlled on an entity basis.
  • Inter-Company Transactions: Support all inter/intra company transactions and Co-sharing
  • Reporting: Tag and track various metrics like pricing, expenses, projects, and cost centers for a detailed financial report across entities.

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Multi-Entity in Versa Cloud ERP has assisted businesses across multiple industries


Global Chemical Manufacturer Case study

Case Study: Global Chemical Manufacturer

Supporting a global company with 5 entities with different home currencies with a requirement of consolidated financials and features to support cross locations Inventory. See what they envisioned for a system that can support their business needs. Learn More


SaaS Marketing Firm

Case Study: SaaS Social Media Marketing Software Company

As a SaaS Company providing marketers with the next generation of Social Media marketing tools, they needed a next-gen solution to support the 2 subsidiaries in the US and Canada. Their requirement to scrap manual financial filing got them seeking a partner that could manage all the financials across entities. Learn More

Fine linen Manufacturing

Case Study: Fine Linen Manufacturing and Sales

In addition to providing a solution to a business owner that grows with their business, Versa also supports multiple retail locations, multiple warehouses, and holding inventory in as many locations as required so that the orders can be fulfilled from the most convenient locations possible. Learn More

In conclusion, we at Versa believe in growing with the customer.

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