Versa eCommerce by Versa Cloud ERP is a solution built specifically for Shopify. It has the ability to integrate with any existing store for a business.

The integration enables Shopify users in inventory management, warehouse management, shipping and logistics, eCommerce, advanced reporting, and business intelligence requirements of the business.

Inventory Management: Shopify

The inventory management of the Shopify Store in the Versa system is automatic.

Versa imports all the existing products in the store and creates product categories. These are based on the collection set up in the Shopify store. The system also provides an option if the business does not want to import products automatically, it can be done manually through the import option in the tools menu.

It is Beneficial when the business has to import additional products that are not listed in the Shopify Store.

Shopify & Versa: Matching Products

In addition, Versa intelligently links products in its system to products in Shopify during synchronization using the setting specified in Match Product by.

A user can manually force a match, on the Webstore listing page. Just click on the actions next to the webstore, Link Products to perform such action.

Shopify & Versa: Pricing and Inventory Levels

Once linked, Versa will then push price updates and inventory changes to Shopify regularly (Once a day early morning). A user can turn off this setting if required.

The link to update inventory and price is for when you want to manually force the system to perform the updates instead of waiting for the scheduled daily task to run.

Versa usually sync orders multiple times in the day. If required users can also force an order import by clicking on the Import Orders link.

Shopify & Versa: Logs

Versa eCommerce for Shopify allows the business to view webstore related logs. The log link is a list of all import activities done for orders, updates or prices, and inventory levels by the business.

Versa eCommerce Shopify Flow

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