At Versa Cloud ERP we believe that running a modern business requires the use of multiple business systems, of which we are just one. With that in mind, we are focused on offering a cloud ERP solution capable to integrate with pre-existing standard third-party integrations like CRM, Logistics, Banking Payment, and other products and other services customers might need.

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Functions supported by third-party integrations:

  1. Finance: Versa Cloud ERP has preset integration available for ACH Gateway, Credit card gateway, and Expense management applications
  2. Sales and Logistics: Sales and Logistics are an integral part of a business and we at Versa understand the needs of our users, therefore Versa has built-in capabilities for POS Software and Terminals, shipping software, pick/pack/ship order fulfillment, and 3PL services and time tracking.
  3. eCommerce: At Versa Cloud ERP we support multi-channel e-commerce order/inventory management hubs and online marketplace, along with an E-commerce platform to make ERP an ALL-IN-ONE solution for your business

In addition, Versa Cloud ERP also offers integration with specific vendors for e-commerce:

Versa third party integrations

Above all, for a complete end to end support Versa Cloud ERP also support:

  • Sales Tax: Avalara
  • CRM: Salesforce
  • Payroll: Wagepoint

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We also understand that there may be integrations we don’t have or maybe you have internal systems that need integration. The user needs the coordination between them to be automated. In addition, the data transfer should not require manual intervention or re-keying.

Above all, Versa Cloud ERP solution offers several ways to achieve these goals through custom integrations. This includes a powerful, REST API. The API enables tight, real-time, integration with the other on-premise and cloud-based systems that you may have already deployed. It also allows integration with the traditional file system-based approach when a looser coupling between systems is enough.

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