What is Bulk Shipping?

Bulk Shipping can be defined as the transport of goods (raw materials or finished products). They may be packed for final delivery to the customer (manufacturing to shelf) or they may be unpacked (manufacturing to packing facility to shelf).

Why is Cloud ERP a choice Businesses need to make for Bulk Shipping?

If you have many orders to process daily, efficiency is key. Versa Cloud ERP allows you to apply different shipping rules to your sales orders and ship them in the system. When an order is shipped in Versa, a number of documents such as Packing List, Warehouse Copy, Invoice, and Shipping Labels (when using integration with Shipping Carriers).

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How to set up Bulk Shipping in Versa Cloud ERP

Setup Shipping Carriers

If you use FedEx, UPS, or USPS for shipping, you can set up the shipping carriers in Setup, Shipping Carriers. Credentials are needed to set up your account. See here for setting up FedEx and here for setting up UPS. The system will use the shipping carrier integration to get shipping rates, and shipping labels.

Shipping Preferences

Sales Orders have shipping preferences, this allows you to store the various shipping options for your orders. The shipping rules you defined are used to populate the shipping preference for orders. But you can also manually set the shipping preference manually.

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Shipping Rules

There are different types of shipping rules you can set up. Find the shipping rules setup page from Setup Menu, Shipping Rules.

1. Package Dimension Rules

You can set up the different shipment package sizes you use for shipping. This will be used to obtain shipping rates with your shipping carriers.

2. Package Weights Rules

If you can estimate the weight of your shipment packages, enter the default weight to use. Weight is sent to shipping carriers for cost estimates. The system can also estimate the weight of the orders by looking at the weight (set at the product record) for each product in the order. This will be used to obtain shipping rates with your shipping carriers.

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3. Shipping Methods Rules

Set up the various shipping services you use from various carriers. One or more shipping services/methods can be selected. For example, you can choose both FedEx 2 Day and FedEx 2 Day Saturday Delivery as a service to apply. If multiple services are applicable, the system would choose the lowest-cost one to use. Use this when you have set shipping methods for your orders

4. Custom Clearance Rules

For international shipments, additional information is required for customs clearance. Set up the rules for different products here. The system uses this information to generate electronic commercial invoices (if supported by Shipping Carrier to the destination).

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You too can scale your business with Versa Cloud ERP

Versa Cloud ERP and Bulk Shipping: Select Orders and Create Shipment Batch

Go to the open orders page, Orders menu, Sales Orders, and Open orders, and you can see a list of unfulfilled orders listed. There is a checkbox at each row that allows you to select an order. Select the orders (as many as you want) and then click on Applying Shipping Rules (the button is only visible if you have set up some shipping rules). Choose the different shipping rules on the popup window; the rules you chose will be saved as shipping preferences for the order.
Select the orders again and then click on Auto Ship Selected Orders, click confirm and the system will start posting the shipment details for the charges. The orders you selected are put into a shipment batch for processing. Assuming the order will be shipped in full based on available inventory. If the order can be shipped with no error, the status will be updated and if there is any issue, the actual errors are shown.  Once you address the errors for the orders, you can click on the retry button to ship the orders with errors again.

If an order is shipped successfully, the system will generate documents such as Packing List, Warehouse Copy, Invoices, and Shipping labels (if using a shipping carrier). Control which shipment documents to show by going to the Setup menu, Feature Settings, and Outgoing Order Shipments. The related settings are Generate Packing List, Create Invoice, Post Invoice, Apply Deposit,

Include Service Items on Invoices When Shipping.

Viewing Shipping Batches for Bulk Shipping

Go to the Logistics menu, Shipment Batches to see a list of past and present shipment batches. Click on each shipment batch to see more details.

Bulk shipping with shipment batches is a part of Versa Cloud ERP’s Advanced Inventory Management feature. This enables the real-time reporting of data across multiple companies, entities, and currencies making tracking and decision making much easier for the business.

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