Shopify Ecommerce Store- Get ERP capability if you add an App by Versa Cloud ERP

What is Shopify for Ecommerce?

Shopify is a completely scalable e-commerce platform with point-of-sale features for your e-commerce retail business. It is generally up and running in a few minutes, and has unique features for e-commerce not found in other applications, which make it a valuable business application. It makes it easy for users to integrate with the Amazon listing format for products and also integrates well with most leading business applications.

As per, over 1 million businesses around the world have used Shopify to make over $155 billion USD in sales as of early 2020.

It enables you to be eCommerce ready, – to start from the basics of starting a business, to running and finally growing it to scale.

The critical part of this application is its developer and partner ecosystem, which allows 3rd party developers to build applications that extends its native functionalities via the Shopify App Store with over 3,200 apps.

It is increasingly being seen as a powerful alternative for e-commerce merchants compared to Amazon.

Shopify is ranked No 7 for enabling the shopkeeper of the future in the Fast Company List – The world’s 50 most innovative companies of 2020.

Shopify occupies the top spot in the Fast Company List- The 10 most innovative retail companies of 2020.

Complex businesses like yours need not spend a fortune searching for the right ERP solution

Complex businesses like yours need not spend a fortune searching for the right ERP solution

Versa for eCommerce App

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and discover functionalities that will help you automate your business processes, maximize productivity, and accelerate growth-for FREE.

What is Versa Cloud ERP?

Every growing business has to outgrow Excel/spreadsheets for achieving increased business performance needs as they grow, and have to deal with the limitations of legacy and standalone software.

Versa Cloud ERP formerly VersAccounts, is a modern, all-in-one, multi-award-winning ERP software created for fast-growing inventory-focused small and medium businesses like manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce that want to grow seamlessly to the next level. It covers all aspects of business operation, with top-of-the-line functionalities, and is affordable as well as easy to use.

We have bagged a few awards, but our passion and satisfaction lie in continually solving business problems for small and medium-sized businesses. We partner with them to grow and thrive globally- capably, affordably, and with peace of mind.

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Versa for eCommerce App
Sign up NOW for our FREE PLAN* where you can sync your Shopify Store and use all the features for as long as you need.

Versa Cloud ERP and Shopify App Store

We at Versa Cloud ERP, have earlier offered integration of the full version of our ERP solution with Shopify, but looking at the great fit and where we could complement each other,-we launched Versa Cloud ERP for E-commerce on the Shopify App Store recently. This is meant to give Shopify users extended award-winning business performance capability that covers all aspects of their business needs as they scale without breaking into a sweat.

They now don’t have to depend on other standalone apps that created a data porting and reporting nightmare. They now have access to real-time data, for better decision-making and solving issues as they happen. Business planning and reporting is also enhanced in real-time across all business functions of the eCommerce venture. There is no manual work or duplication of effort due to automation and integration across functions-where lesser business process wastages.

We offer a 14-day free trial to test us out, a promo discount introductory offer for the launch year, and also our small effort at COVID support!

Take a look at our comprehensive page on the solution:

Shopify for eCommerce – Main

Check us out on Shopify App Store:

It connects to Shopify in just a few clicks and starts working in minutes!

The Versa for eCommerce Shopify application-features

The Versa for eCommerce Shopify application includes key accounting, inventory and warehouse management, shipping and logistics, eCommerce, advanced reporting, and business intelligence features of the Standard Version of our ERP.

Key Features:

  • One entity; one Shopify Cart;
  • 3 Full Users Included. (Can add more by upgrading to the Full Version)
  • Unlimited Capacity. Suppliers/Customers. Parts/Products. BOMs/KITS. Reports/Forms. Complex Pricing Policies.
  • Multiple Warehouses and Currencies
  • Item/Product: Multiple Units of Measure, Multiple Units for Products, Product Variants, Complex Pricing, FIFO & Average Costing for Inventory valuation
  • Financial: Enhanced GL, Credit/Bank Cards, ACH/Direct Debit, e-Check, Bank & Card Feeds, Reconciliation.
  • AR: Batch Receipts, Deduction, Returns/ Refunds, Sales Deposits
  • AP: 3 Way Matching, Landed Cost, Batch Pay, Deposits
  • Buying: Inventory Planner, Standing Orders, Purchase Orders
  • Returns: RMA, Returns/Refund/Credit, Restock, Repair/Exchange
  • Warehouse Management: Receive, Stock, Pick, Pack and Ship, Inventory Adjustment Inventory and Transfers
  • Integrates with FedEx, UPS, USPS-many more coming soon
  • Financial Reports: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow
  • Inventory Reports: Products/Parts List, Inventory Profile, Quantity on Hand, Backorders, Reorder, Inventory In/Out, Aging, Purchase History, Lot/Serial Traceability, Orders Shipped, Packages Packed, Containers
  • Standard Integrations: Import/Export, e-Mail, Bank & Card Feeds, e-Commerce/Cart, Marketplaces, POS, Parcel and Freight, 3PL

Do you wonder how a stress-free, convenient, and efficient operation management feels like? Good news-it can be your reality now!

Versa for eCommerce App

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and start automating your business processes, maximizing productivity, and accelerate growth.

Data from other applications like accounting, inventory management, shipping systems as well as Excel spreadsheets can easily be migrated via Versa ERP import/export capability.

You don’t need to download orders from Shopify and process them in Versa as they are synced after connection.

Versa for eCommerce allows Forms (documents like Sales Orders, Pick Lists, Shipping Documents, Invoices, etc.) and Reports to be easily customized by Customers.

There are also other customization settings to change rules to configure the shipping modules etc. User access can also be controlled to allow access to users based on work roles.

Cost and Support

All this at an introductory discount offer for our launch year though regular subscription applies 2nd year onwards.

Email support is included in the price, and customers also have access to Versa documentation and training at

In addition, Versa offers weekly Support Webinars especially focused on Versa for eCommerce subscribers in real-time via web conference.

Phone and web conference support is provided at an additional cost.

More about the Versa Cloud ERP-full version

The full version of the Versa Cloud ERP for e-commerce applications can be leveraged for more than 3 Users, multiple eCommerce shopping carts and marketplaces, multiple companies, and more e-commerce capabilities.

You could watch a brief overview of the Versa Cloud ERP:

Take a look at the features:

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Best ERP for SAAS companies: Versa Cloud ERP

Best ERP for SAAS companies: Versa Cloud ERP

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