What to Expect from Our Free VersaCloud Product Tour

Discovery Call

We will have an experienced consultant call you and ask about your business workflow, your existing system and your expectations, to help us assess and identify crucial requirements for your business. Collected information will be used to make an initial estimate of Versa Cloud ERP system implementation and operation costs. Expect a 30-45 minute call for your customized Free Product Tour schedule.

Product Tour

The Product Tour will be customized to your business requirements. The goal of the Product Tour is not to show you all of the features available in the Versa Cloud ERP system. Rather it is to show you how the system would be used in your business in a way that it makes sense for you and your team. The Product Tour is conducted using a GoToMeeting or similar screen sharing application and delivered remotely by our team of business consultants.

Some of the common subjects covered in the Free Product Tour include:

  • Introductions
  • Detailed Review of how Key Workflows are executed in your Business [10 mins]
  • Brief Product Feature Overview [10 mins]
  • Customized Demonstration of Key Workflows [40 mins]
    • Buying, Receiving, Stocking, Paying
    • Selling, Pick/Pack/Ship, Invoice, Payment Receipt
    • Returns/Refunds
    • Manufacturing
  • Financials and Reporting [10 mins]
  • Advanced Topics [20 mins]
    • Multi-Entity and Inter-Company
    • B2B Portal
    • Other Premium Capabilities
    • 3rd Party Add on Products – e-Commerce, Logistics etc.
    • API
    • EDI
  • Implementation Process [10 mins]
    • Data Migration
    • Form and Report Customization
    • Software Customization
    • Integration
    • Training
  • Ongoing Support [10 mins]
    • Support
    • Consulting and Training
    • Upgrades and Improvements
  • Q&A [10 mins]
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