Versa is an affordable solution for complex business functions and therefore allows a business to scale its operations with ease.


The company is in railroad equipment assembly and distribution company. The company used to be part of a much larger, multi-national business. Then, a few years ago the parent company decided to spin off the business unit and sold it to our Client.

The parent company had deployed SAP on a mainframe computer for their ERP solution. The business required a similar SAP capability for the new business. But the smaller company typically does not have an SAP-sized budget.

Therefore, high on the list of must-have capabilities was the ability of his ERP system to support the complete set of capabilities needed by a complex distribution business all in one system – drop-shipping, shipping and receiving, flexible order packing for complicated invoices, large multi-level bill of materials, and multiple ship-to addresses for a single customer.

The business required a robust system with:

  • The ability to track gross margins on a sales order basis was also critical for his business.
  • Track all revenues and expenses arising from a sales order to ensure that each sale was profitable on its own.
  • Ensure all sales orders are delivered in full and all delivered items invoiced and paid for so. To prevent revenue leakage via items falling through the cracks.

Versa Solution:

Versa Cloud ERP being built with the latest technologies is a one-stop-shop solution for complex businesses. Over the past several decades to support configuration via option settings and an application programming interface (API).  Traditionally to customize a system parts of the business software (source code) itself would be re-written. The use of API’s is a huge  improvement over the traditional way

Based on a careful evaluation, the client decided that Versa Cloud ERP for the small business systems would meet the needs of his new business at less than one-tenth of the cost of a traditional ERP system like SAP Business One. Above all, the Versa system already has all of the capabilities the business needed without integrations with third-party and add-on products.

Need an affordable solution for your complex business Versa has got you covered Sign Up for a 14-Day Versa for an eCommerce trial and explore our VERSA-tility.