Versa Cloud ERP is an intelligent solution that allows businesses to combine multiple functions into one. Versa allows a business to manage functions like Financials, Inventory, and Production with ease.


The business is that of a global agricultural chemical manufacturing company that manufactures and distributes a variety of products. It has five different subsidiaries that each manufacture and distribute one or more products for their region as well as for global markets. The company originally ran Sage 50 Quantum US (Peachtree Accounting) in its US headquarters. On expanding to Canada they deployed Sage 50 Quantum Canada (Simply Accounting). Due to further expansion, a new subsidiary in each country deployed an individual local system. Besides accounting systems, additional add-ons for manufacturing were deployed, custom software was created, and spreadsheets were used.

As a result, silos of information existed at each subsidiary. The company being global, operated as a collection of independent smaller entities, and this disconnect threatened their competitiveness. Additionally, information on one subsidiary was not accessible to other locations.

The arrival of cloud-based solutions caused management to seek a solution that could harvest its benefits. They envisioned a single system that supported all the subsidiaries including:

  • Real-time availability of information at any subsidiary at any time from any device
  • The ability to leverage the combined size of the company in purchasing contracts
  • To be able to coordinate manufacturing across locations
  • To fulfill orders from the most convenient location

The user required custom software and excel spreadsheets. Additionally, the user required the add-on software packages eliminated. But at the same time, the user wanted each company to be able to operate as an independent entity, in its own home currency, conforming to its local laws and tax codes, using local languages and documentation (including document formats and wording).

Versa Solution:

For the business, the Power Edition of the Versa Cloud ERP Small Business Cloud ERP system, with custom forms and reports for each entity, as well as email, credit card gateway, and bank integration, provides the system he needs to continue his expansion to new geographies. Thus, making managing easy for finance, inventory, and production functions.

The Versa Cloud ERP Small Business Cloud ERP system eliminates the silos of information that made decision-making very difficult in the past and provides a real-time view of the business upon which better decisions can be made.


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