Simple and Straightforward Accounting solution

Versa Cloud ERP system includes straightforward and simple accounting software for small businesses that include:

1. Multi-Entity and Multi-Currency

Versa Cloud ERP supports all multi-entity and multi-currencies needs for your business requires to operate optimally. Therefore, it allows each entity to operate in its own currency. In addition, all consolidated reports of the entities are presented in their individual currency, however, the reporting of the organization can be done in one master currency as required by the business.

Versa Cloud ERP accounting software solution presents an overall view of all the financial transactions in multiple currencies of your company in an easy-to-view format.

Above all it allows the user to understand the groups used for entity, reporting, currency account type (asset or liability) which is further divided into subgroups for categorization of all expenses and revenue.

Consolidated Financials

2. Bank Integrations and reconciliation

Bank integrations form the base framework for a business, we at Versa Cloud ERP understand that and hence support multiple banking and reconciliation features, payment options with our accounting solution. This makes doing business on the go easy.

Bank Reconciliation Versa Cloud ERP

3. Import and Export Journal Entries

Easy import of data from an existing system or excel sheets to Versa Cloud ERP makes it ideal for businesses to implement the software across departments with ease.

Accounting Import Versa Cloud ERP

4. Dashboard View

In addition, Versa Cloud ERP Dashboard showcases a brief on all reports in real-time. Businesses can review cash flow, AR, and AP right at the dashboard.

The dashboard also provided a status for AR and AP bucketed as per aging days and as per currencies. This makes decision-making quick and effortless for enterprises.

Dashboard View

Versa Cloud ERP also supports financial capabilities included in the core ERP module:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts receivables/payables
  • Cash Management
  • Asset Management
  • Purchase to Pay
  • Quote to Cash

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Versa Cloud ERP also supports integrations for:

1. General Ledger: Enhanced GL assists the business to manage their accounting and reporting needs in a structured and consistent manner. The basic reports available are Balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements

2. Accounts Payable: Account’s payables support all supplier-related features like aging, 3-way matching, Landed cost, batch pay, and deposits ACH, E-Cheques, etc.

3. Accounts Receivables: Versa Cloud ERP lets you manage all customer-related features and supports multiple entities and users. Therefore, allowing easy management of all your entity’s financials. It supports the batch receipt, payment receipt, deductions, returns/refunds and sales deposits, etc.

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