Cloud ERP Pricing for Small Business need to be able to be simple, affordable and transparent to stay ahead in the game and provide a differentiator in the market.

With Versa Cloud ERP New Instant Pricing Calculator’s interactive model, you can select all features your business wants in a Cloud ERP solution. A business owner will be able to select the subscription model best fit for their business. The subscription models offered are:

  • Revenue Based Plan
  • User-Based Plan

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Want to learn more about Versa's mobile ERP solution?

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The Instant Quote Price Calculator has ERP solution features that can be picked up in combination to tailor the ERP as per business requirements:

  • Basic Software Functions
  • Premium Modules
  • Payments
  • Payments
  • Scanners & Label Printers
  • Carriers
  • POS
  • Online Shopping Cart
  • Marketplaces
  • Retailers (Direct Non-EDI)
  • EDI or Web EDI
  • Other Integrations
  • Set-up & Basic Customizations
  • Advanced Customizations

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Each feature contains a list of options a user can select that they want to be included in the pricing calculations.

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