Order Management

Versa Cloud ERP is an effective solution for all your order management needs. Manage and optimize the process of sending out a Quote, receiving and entering a Sales Order, shipping product, billing a customer, receiving Payment, managing Returns, as well as Sales/Use Tax, and Sales Agent Performance Management capabilities.

End-to-End control of order workflows

1. Versa Cloud ERP manages the returns and refunds process:

  • Returns on posted invoices
  • Returns on rejected items
  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
  • Returns/Refunds on Invoice

2. In a dynamic marketplace with multiple channels for sales Versa provides a solution allowing a business to maneuver through:

  • Multiple Shopify Cart
  • Non-Shopify cart
  • Marketplaces
  • B2B Self-Serve Portal

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In addition, Versa Cloud ERP also supports inter-entity transactions, within an organization one entity can set up another entity as their customer and supplier respectively. It enables creating Purchase orders from sales orders between entities automating the workflow within the organization.

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Sales Order:

Versa Cloud ERP provides a detailed mechanism for businesses to record sales orders; it includes presets for a user to determine the variables commonly in use to process a sales order.

As an example, selecting a shipping partner for an order to a customer (individual/wholesale) can be pre-determined in the sales order, programming the system to automatically pick a specific partner.

In addition to this multiple shipping addresses can be added for a customer, also the suitable currency can be selected related to the shipping address.

In Versa Cloud ERP custom fields and dimensional tagging can be customized to compile information and report based on users’ needs.

Versa Cloud ERP- Sales Order

Drop Shipping and Sales order:

An intelligent system, Versa Cloud ERP supports drop shipping where you would create a purchase order from a sales order and have the supplier ship directly to the customer.

Drop Shipping- Versa Cloud ERP


Users can create any dimension to get a specific result/reportable data based on your companies needs in Versa Cloud ERP.

With Dimensional tagging on prices, pricing can be set down to the customer level, single or a wholesale level, or any level you determine, allowing businesses to preload the pricing for wholesale transactions and create a differential price when a certain order value is reached.

Versa Cloud ERP Dimensions

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