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A Cloud ERP solutions is all the rage in the market right now. A cloud ERP solution is an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) based on the cloud of a vendor rather than on-premise. This allows the users/businesses the flexibility of being able to access and do businesses from anywhere and to be tied up.

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Versa Cloud ERP solutions for Fine Linen Manufacturing and Sales

Suzanna is passionate about high-quality bedding and started manufacturing and selling fine linen from a retail location in NY. Originally, she sold to wholesalers, but over time she set up retail stores in several states in the US. Eventually, she discovered the power of the internet as a way to reach a global customer base and set up an e-commerce shopping cart.

The Requirements for a Cloud ERP Solutions

  • Multiple E-Commerce Stores
  • Multiple Retail Locations
  • Imonggo POS
    • Inventory Transfers
  • Landed Cost
    • Distribution Across Receipts
  • 3PL Workflow ‐ In / Outbound
  • Dimensions

For business systems, she had deployed Xtuple (an Open Source ERP system) for accounting at her headquarters, which they ran on local servers. Retail stores deployed Imonggo POS to take and process orders and manage inventory at the store. For the e-commerce store, they used Shopify. Besides storing inventory that is managed by the Imonggo system, inventory was also stored at the headquarters and with a 3PL. This inventory was managed within the xTuple System.

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This system has served them well over the years. However, with each passing year, the system becomes more and more expensive to maintain. Open-source ERP consultants are in high demand, so having someone come in and fix a problem and/or upgrade the software is expensive. In addition, since the system has been customized over the years, it becomes harder and harder to migrate to something else if it is required. And more expensive. On top of that, nothing is integrated. All data has to be re-keyed to transfer it from one system to another.

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Other than that, access to information was not real-time. Data had to be manually collected from each location once a week, then consolidated in spreadsheets, before one can get a good overview of the business. One of the consequences was that an e-commerce order may remain unfulfilled (or worse get canceled) because headquarters does not know that a store in another state had inventory.

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This situation was remedied by a Versa Cloud ERP. Shopify eCommerce, Imonggo POS, the 3PL, credit card gateways, and banks were integrated into a single system. This allows Suzanna’s company to hold inventory in as many locations as she chooses so that she can fulfill orders from the most convenient location possible. This gave her capabilities that many larger companies don’t have. In addition, manual data transfers were no longer needed, saving money and time, and eliminating errors including sometimes extremely high costs associated with mistakes.

For Suzanna, Versa Cloud ERP solutions with Shopify and Imonggo, email, credit card gateway, and bank integration provide a platform upon which she can take the next step in the company’s journey. This includes the management of multiple e-commerce shopping carts from Versa Cloud ERP, as well as the Dealer Portal and associated catalog, to enable self-service among her wholesale customers.

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