What is a Partner Portal?

A partner portal can be defined as a one-stop-shop that provides products, services, and information on a business to its customers. Typically, web-based partner portals are more common in a B2B category of business.

Versa Portal & Partner Portal

With Versa Cloud ERP, you can allow your customers to access a self-serve portal to access your product catalogs, past orders, pay for invoices, and much more. B2B companies typically use this when their customers regularly purchase goods and services from them. In addition, to having a login gate, it offers limited access to trusted users.

Customers will be able to see their own prices if you have assigned different prices to them.

You too can scale your business with Versa Cloud ERP

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You too can scale your business with Versa Cloud ERP

Versa Cloud ERP: Setup Access for Partner portal

To give customer access, you would first go edit the customer record and under portal access, choose a user name, enter an email and then save. After saving, you can send your customers an email that instructs them how to log in to the customer portal.

You can also find a link to log into your portal from the customer page.

Versa Cloud ERP: Product Catalog for Partner portal

Product categories are defined in the Products menu, Categories, which organize the products in the portal. If you do not want to offer a category in the portal, you can hide it. Individual products can be hidden by editing the product and unchecking the checkbox Hide from the public.

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Versa Cloud ERP: Customization for Partner portal

You can configure the portal appearances by going to the Setup menu, Partner Portal Settings. When a customer places an order, you will get notified by email. Enter your email address here. You can configure which product fields are searchable including custom fields. Products can be hidden from the portal by category or on an individual basis.

The check-out process in the portal can be customized. You can allow customers to enter a new ship-to address or use an existing ship-to address on file. Customers can order on terms or prepay via credit card.

The portal is also capable of showing detailed inventory information like quantity on hand when out-of-stock items will come into stock. So your customer will be fully informed. You can allow users to order out-of-stock items.

The portal comes with a few themes for you to choose from.  Upload your logo and banner to be used in the portal. You can also provide your own CSS stylesheets and banners to further customize the portal.  You can add different messages on different portal pages to guide your customers along the purchasing process.

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