The Digital Cloud ERP Software revolution

There is a growing digital cloud revolution in the ERP software space. It makes sense to leverage it for business success. Two key revolutions of the digital cloud are the mobility revolution and IoT.

The Mobility revolution

Innovative mobility capability is key to the digital cloud revolution. Mobile integration brings a level of collaboration to a business operation that was unheard of earlier. Every department can benefit from better connectivity and faster reaction times. Multiple standalone systems are being seen as a drain on resources. This is due to duplication of effort, wastage of time, and incompatibility between them.

Mobile technology also benefits field staff by giving them real-time access to data. This could highlight potential issues before they become problems. Inventory tracking and shipment tracking are also faster, more accurate, and in real-time.

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Mobile ERP

Mobile ERP can also improve business sales closures. According to Tech Target, when sales reps take prospective customers on a site visit, they can also instantly retrieve real-time data on their mobile devices. They can create and honor their sales commitments with more accurate inventory figures and delivery estimates.

In a 2012 Gartner report, “Accelerate ERP Value through Mobility,” analyst Sunil Padmanabh said, “Mobility in ERP will increase end-user productivity by at least 15% and enable faster decision-making through access to real-time ERP data.”  The capability of the mobility-ready cloud has grown by leaps and bounds since then.

Many experts in this domain feel that by the early 2020s, mobile devices would be completely able to access data and transact on ERP software.

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Mobile ready ERP

Mobile-ready cloud ERP solutions help manufacturers succeed by providing the flexibility to accommodate virtually any workflow, scale-up or down. It can quickly address changing needs with greater flexibility and faster response times.

Mobile devices are enabling businesses to put ERP data and functionality in the hands of virtual workers on the go and in real-time. This makes companies more agile and responsive to both customers and partners with faster and better decision-making/commitments. Mobility integration tops the wish list of ERP functionality needs for users in the future.  In the future, most users especially in the small business domain will like to have the functionality to access/use the ERP via their mobile devices.

The possible benefits

Companies that have already implemented mobile software in their workplace have seen an over 40% increase in operational efficiency: Aberdeen Group. Manufacturing firms are watching and want the same from their ERP.

Contemporary customers expect empowered workers that can take immediate decisions and transact in real-time without which buying decisions can change. They expect your field staff to be connected to the information they need no matter where they are. Calling back to the office to see if an order can be fulfilled is gauche, to say the least.

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You too can scale your business with Versa Cloud ERP

A Mobile ERP has this functionality.

The Cloud ERP

Inherently a native cloud ERP is a mobile ERP. Cloud ERP allows you to do this securely and with all the people who need it.

With a cloud-based ERP solution, your employees can work at optimal performance to:

  • Manage quotes, proposals, and orders from the field with no device diversity constraints
  • Close the deal remotely—from selecting a product/service to electronic signatures to seal it
  • Deliver better service with full access to customer history, maintenance contracts, business transactional data and the product knowledge base.

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) revolution

IoT capability is the future of the digital cloud revolution. Apart from the smart mobile devices connected via the internet, there are many other connected devices. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to collecting and analyzing the data from all of them to identify patterns, track trends, and even predict behaviors.

Through the IoT, businesses can use this data, to better understand how their products/services are received and customer/market needs.

Cloud-based ERP capability allows you to connect to data sources (from vendors or public sources). It can help you understand all aspects of your markets and how they interact with your products and services.

The IoT space will see exciting integration possibilities with the cloud ERP in the years to come.

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