Future of the Cloud

The future of the cloud looks bright. The public cloud solution with its scalability and attractive economics continues to be a popular choice for enterprises that do not want to set up their own private cloud networks, bear crippling cost burdens or those disillusioned with the limitations of on-premise solutions.

Gartner on the future of the cloud in 2016: “By 2020 it is projected that corporate no-cloud policies will be as rare as no-internet policies are today”.

Forrester also predicted a positive future of the cloud in 2016. Forrester suggested that the cloud market will accelerate more rapidly in 2017. Forrester Research released a report outlining future of the cloud predictions for 2017. It expected that the cloud will be saving user’s money not just through their traditional pay-per-use models, but also through the advancement of best practices that eliminate waste and reduce cost. Expense transparency would also be realized through the integration of relevant cost management tools. Though Forrester said that size mattered, the power of enterprise cloud solutions is expected to be well matched by niche cloud solutions with better customization capabilities. Forrester said that migration to a cloud solution had become easier thanks to ‘lift-and-shift’ tools that were expected to be highly relevant in 2017 as they enabled seamless migration to a cloud solution.

A 2016 Nomura Holdings CIO Survey that was based on interviews with 50 CIO’s in the United States had some interesting findings. The methodology of the survey captured small and mid-sized US enterprise firms. 33 CIO respondents worked for companies with annual revenues of less than $1B; 15 CIO respondents worked for companies with revenues between $1B and $5B; and 2 CIO respondents for companies with revenues of more than $5B across a wide range of verticals led by health care and technology.

The key findings of the Nomura survey were:
• CIOs expected the future of cloud consumption across deployment models to rise from 31% consumption in 2014 to 58% in 2018.
• Future public cloud adoption was expected to have the fastest growth rate, rising from 8% of consumption in 2014 to 19% in 2018.
• CIOs predicted by 2017, 46% of their applications will be SaaS-based and this will rise to 56% within five years pointing towards a positive future of cloud adoption
• The percentage of IT resource consumption on their internal infrastructure will fall from 67% to 42% from 2104 to 2018 because it will not be required as cloud adoption gains ground.
• In 2016/2017 Budget Cycles, over 80% of CIOs cited security as one of the top few drivers for IT spending , followed by cloud computing (over 60%) and big data analytics (60%). The futuristic crop of cloud solutions is already incorporating all these three elements seamlessly in their offerings.


We at Versa Cloud ERP have created a multi award winning, secure cloud based, one stop comprehensive ERP solution that is e-commerce and mobility ready. The Versa Small Business Cloud ERP dba Versa is accessible anytime, and on any device, including desktop and laptop computers, tablet devices and mobile phones. Our solution is designed with industry best practices and consistent with regulatory requirements. It provides support for e-Commerce and Multi-Channel Retail includes integration with 3rd party e-commerce platforms as well as POS systems.
The capabilities of these integrations included the ability to exchange transactional data with these systems, provide status updates, as well as support complex transactions across these systems including real time inventory transfer between systems and locations. In addition, the Versa Small Business Cloud ERP system includes the ability to remotely manage Master Data on multiple e-commerce and POS systems including product description, pricing, images, etc.

It is affordable and targeted towards SMB’s and is backed by a promise of dedicated support. The solution is being used by clients in diverse verticals and could help you redefine the way you operate and grow your business.

Our solution is designed for fast growing businesses, between $1-$50 Mn in annual revenue, looking to upgrade business management solutions like entry-level accounting products or mid-tier legacy on-premise ERP systems or even those looking at capable, comprehensive but affordable ERP solutions.

With the Versa Cloud ERP solution, you can have project management, multi-entity accounting, purchasing & order management, distribution, production, customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce, multi-channel retail, advanced inventory management, reporting & BI, document management, security, mobility, global relevance, pre-existing 3rd party integration and DSCSA compliant functionalities built into one solution. There are customization options with easy migration from and compatibility with respect to other systems preexisting in the business environment.

We will help you in a structured manner to migrate your data seamlessly from Epicor, Infor, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, MYOB, Sage, SAP Business One etc when you make the decision.

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