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Managing inventory gets extremely tricky as your Shopify business scales into new warehouses, sales channels, and suppliers.

You start juggling complex workflows – purchasing from vendors, moving stock between facilities, and fulfilling orders across platforms. Things fall through the cracks. Confusion ensues. Customers end up empty-handed. Margins shrink as you scramble to fix gaps.

Between fragmented visibility and chaotic coordination, warehouse management and supply chain chaos sabotage profits and customer loyalty. But what if you could see your true inventory availability across all locations and sales channels in one unified view?

And not just see it, but use those real-time insights to orchestrate intelligent planning, movement, and distribution through automation.

The Power of Unified Visibility of Inventory

As Shopify brands expand into new regions and sales channels, keeping the finger on the pulse of true inventory availability gets increasingly complex. Standalone point solutions with fragmented data lead to limited visibility, resulting in frequent stockouts, bloated safety stock buffers, and poor customer experience. A robust ERP platform like Versa Cloud ERP unified with Shopify paints a real-time picture of inventory across all locations and sales channels, empowering data-driven decisions to balance availability and carrying costs.

Key inventory visibility benefits include:

  • Consolidated dashboard of inventory quantities, costs, and transactions across the distribution network
  • Current snapshot and historical trends filtered by product, size, location, channel
  • Safety stock analysis with reorder points tailored by velocity and variability per SKU
  • Out-of-stock metrics revealing lost sales opportunities due to inventory gaps
  • Unified order management system for optimal sourcing and allocation decisions

By connecting the dots across disparate systems, ERP software helps Shopify brands maximize sales conversion and margins through orchestrated planning.

Smarter Forecasting and Replenishment of Inventory

Traditionally, merchants rely on gut feel and spreadsheets to decide when and how much to reorder. This leads to excessive inventory build-ups or reactive purchasing. ERP systems leverage statistical algorithms and machine learning to create highly accurate demand forecasts, factoring in trends, seasonality, promotions, and external events. This intelligence enables data-driven automation of purchase orders and proactive replenishment to avoid stockouts.

Key forecasting and automation benefits include:

  • Demand planning and forecasting based on historical sales patterns
  • Machine learning-enabled projections tuned to handle spikes and dips
  • Automated generation of suggested purchase orders based on projections and lead times
  • Buffer stock monitoring with dynamic safety stock recalculation
  • Minimum/maximum setting tailored by product, location, and supplier
  • Inventory optimization to reduce waste while improving product availability

By preemptively aligning supply to anticipated demand, Shopify brands can confidently scale without jeopardizing the customer experience.

Streamlined Warehouse Workflows

High-performing warehouses rely on digitized processes for efficient receiving, putaway, picking, and shipping operations. ERP systems like Versa Cloud ERP tailored for Shopify unify critical workflows so staff can execute faster with fewer errors:

Inbound Management

  • Purchase order generation, tracking, amendments
  • Advance ship notices (ASNs) for expected receipts planning
  • Automated putaway directives to optimize space utilization
  • Barcode scanning to accelerate receipt and putaway

Fulfillment Execution

  • Unified orders dashboard across all sales channels
  • Batch-picking workflows based on shipment destination
  • Customizable wave planning to align staffing to order clusters
  • Pack and ship station tools like rating, tracking status
  • Mobile devices for fast lookup and order processing

Inventory Control

  • Cycle counting directives to improve stock accuracy
  • Automated adjustments when variances detected
  • Bin transfers for fast slotting based on velocity
  • Reports for identifying high-waste products or locations

By orchestrating workflows under one platform, brands streamline operations, boost productivity, and minimize costly errors.

Comprehensive Costing and Planning

Understanding true product costs is critical yet remarkably difficult as inventory moves through complex supply chains. Shopify offers landed costing capabilities to incorporate fees, freight, duties, and other cumulative expenses over base product price. Compatible ERP systems build on this foundation with enhanced inventory costing, margin tracking, and planning tools for optimized financial performance:

  • Costing profiles for each product tailored by supplier, facility, channel
  • Real-time valuation reporting across stocking locations
  • Margin analysis by product, category & sales channel
  • Automated buffer stock planning based on cost tradeoffs
  • Data-driven order quantity optimization to balance costs
  • Volume-based price break negotiation with suppliers

These insights empower merchants to price competitively, negotiate effectively, and drive profitability through orchestrated planning.

Unlocking Seamless Shopify Experience for Inventory Management with an ERP

ERP solutions tailored for Shopify like Versa Cloud ERP provide seamless connectivity to synchronize inventory, orders, and data across the supply chain:

Inventory and Warehouse Management

  • Real-time inventory quantity sync with 3PLs
  • Inventory allocation logic to route orders
  • Advance shipping notices for inbound planning
  • Wireless barcode scanning to accelerate workflows
  • Wave release management across facilities

Procurement and Order Orchestration

  • Automated purchase order generation
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI) for seamless order transmission
  • Landed cost assignment from ASNs
  • Consolidated supplier dashboards
  • Contract and terms management
  • Invoice reconciliation automation

Logistics and Shipping

  • Multi-carrier rating engines for dynamic routing
  • Discounted label printing and tracking status sync
  • Batch shipment processing and documentation
  • Cross-docking guidance to enable drop shipping
  • Freight contract negotiation and analysis

By connecting partners across the ecosystem, ERP solutions help Shopify merchants enable rapid growth without losing control over the chaos.

Analytics for Continuous Optimization

Data is the lifeblood of sound business decisions. ERP systems transform inventory, order, and supply chain data from Shopify and other systems into interactive insights for ongoing optimization:

  • Historical performance visibility with trends and forecasts
  • Cost and profitability analysis by product, customer, channel
  • Inventory health metrics with turnover and weeks of cover
  • Storage utilization tracking to optimize layout and expansions
  • Fulfillment productivity including lines picked per hour
  • Reports exportable for external analysis and modeling

By making data consumable across the organization, ERP software helps Shopify brands spot improvement opportunities to stay ahead of the competition.

Managing Shopify Inventory Gets Easier with Versa Cloud ERP

The versatility of Shopify combined with the power of ERP creates a dream team for scaling brands. Versa Cloud ERP takes unified inventory visibility, demand planning, supply chain automation, and business insights to the next level.

Purpose-built for Shopify, Versa Cloud ERP seamlessly connects workflow orchestration across your distribution network – from purchasing to production to global fulfillment. Gain complete control despite rapid sales growth across online storefronts and retail locations. Make every transaction profitable by understanding true costs and margins.

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