Our story that led to our Stevies Awards (ABA) win in 2018

Stevies Awards

The Stevies Awards are  annual business awards given by the American Business Awards organization for ‎Excellence in ‎Business. The Stevies Awards were created in 2002 to recognize accomplishments and contributions of companies and business people worldwide.

The need we filled

In 2013, a team of ERP industry veterans came together to take on a large problem that had remained unsolved since the first accounting and ERP software systems were created for small-to-mid-size businesses (SMBs) nearly 40 years ago. SMBs between $1-50M in annual revenue eventually outgrow the capabilities available to them in their entry level accounting systems. They need the capabilities available in traditional mid-tier ERP systems, but these cost 10-50 times what their existing systems cost, and for the most part are unaffordable. So, these SMBs do without the business management functions they need, extending the capabilities of the systems they have with add-on third party applications, expensive custom development and time consuming Excel and manual processes.

The conception

Versa was created to solve this problem by using the cloud to deliver traditional mid-tier ERP capabilities that SMBs need. The platform is a modern, integrated and complete package that businesses can purchase at about 1/10th of what they might pay for an equivalent ERP from traditional system providers.

Over time, the Versa team realized that delivering an all-in-one solution that radically changed the price capability curve for SMBs was just the tip of the iceberg. SMBs faced several other challenges that Versa could solve. The world had changed substantially since traditional ERP solutions were created and so, too, had the need of SMBs. Globalization, connectivity, mobility, and the Internet have shifted customer expectations, and with it, the way that SMBs are built and operated had changed substantially.

The modern SMB and Versa

In the past, an SMB may have had a local or a regional focus and typically only operated one company. Today’s SMBs often have a national or international presence through digital storefronts, and it is common to operate multiple entities with complex transactions in several countries. Versa developed out-of-the-box features that support modern global SMBs, such as multiple entity accounting, tax management for numerous regimes and multi-currency management.

Most traditional mid-tier ERP systems do not support these capabilities out-of-the-box; gaining these capabilities required expensive customization. These capabilities are included as out-of-the-box features in Versa.

Previously, most of an SMB’s employees worked onsite at its facilities. Now, it is common for employees to work remotely and on the road. Versa cloud platform supports remote and mobile operation.

Integration with third party service providers such as logistics companies and banks was not common with traditional systems. SMBs can now access those integrations easily with Versa, without the need for third party connectors.

The multiple award winning features of our ERP

Versa is reinventing the ERP market and a leading contender to define what ERP solutions of the future look like.

Key features and benefits of Versa ERP:

  • Versa has been purpose-built to be easily evaluated, implemented and used in a self-service manner, something that has never been done before.
  • Versa’ pay-as-you-go pricing ideal for growing small and medium businesses.
  • Purchasing and order management, multiple entity, currency and tax regime accounting
  • Distribution management with multiple location management, drop shipping and paperless receiving.
  • Advanced inventory management for multiple warehouses, serial-numbered and lot-numbered items, barcoding, custom data fields and all measurement units.
  • Production order management including tracking, ad-hoc changes and precise cost tracking
  • Fully integrated CRM.
  • E-commerce and multi-channel retail management with 3rd party platform integration. -Reporting and Business Intelligence with interactive dashboard and drill-down capabilities, providing SMBs with insights into their operations.
  • Fully secure cloud platform, accessible from any device with support for mobile and remote workers.

The recognition

We won many prestigious recognitions in 2017 and 2018.

One of our biggest recognitions was winning the Stevies Awards Win (The American Business Award) in 2018: New Product & Service Categories – Software> New Product or Service of the Year – Software – Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution.

The Stevies Awards- American Business Awards® are the premier business awards program in the U.S.A.

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