ERP software solutions- myths and deployment models

There are many myths surrounding the delivery and deployment of ERP software solutions.

No one can afford to miss out the business leverage that an ERP offers no matter how big or small.

Myth: ERP software solutions are for the bigger player

The biggest myth going around is that ERP solutions are only for the bigger players and not suited for small business. Nothing else could be further than the truth as ERP implementation is affordable even for SMB’s. Many ERP solutions offer flexible pricing structures that can suit any business, no matter what the size. The best way to bust this myth is to ask for a quote, referrals and a demo/product tour and see for yourself.

Myth: Why go for ERP, manual processes work better

Another prevalent myth is that comfort levels and control is better with manual processes. The truth is that with only manual processes response times, possibility of errors, duplication of effort, manpower requirements etc are far more than when you use an automated ERP. The right ERP will software solution will automate updates, reporting of data in real time with alerts for action to be taken.

Myth: The Cloud ERP is not secure

Another myth is that the cloud is not secure at all. Nothing could be further than the truth. The cloud is creating better security competence than on premise and is improving as we speak. Security competence on the cloud can be better than the security competence of many standalone organizational systems. Some of the leading cloud environments are more secure than traditional IT systems. Some of the best IT minds have worked and are working on the cloud.

Types of ERP Software Solutions

There are essentially two types of ERP solutions- cloud ERP and on-premise ERP systems. Migrating to a cloud based ERP solution provides significant advantages over traditional on-premise solutions. The cloud ERP is easy to use, capable and affordable with minimal investment and cost burdens.

A cloud ERP solution can be deployed in two deployment models namely the SaaS model or the private cloud deployment model.

A SaaS model allows for a subscription based deployment option. You use the ERP solution provided by an external IT firm that is deployed on the internet/public cloud. In short they maintain, update and provide the solution and environment; you just pay as per use and operate it. This is cost effective and requires minimal IT deployment by your firm with flexible plans that can easily be scaled up or down.

The private cloud and Hybrid ERP Software Solutions

A private cloud is when you put the ERP solution on a host server/cloud of your choice or on your private server/cloud. This is highly insulated and secure since you control privacy and security completely and you also have better customization options. The biggest problem is that most of the data that is generated in the field and on different devices due to BYOD diversity would reflect in  real time. Multiple standalone systems would need to be used hereby increasing duplication of effort, compatibility issues and limitations on holistic reporting.

Presently, hybrid cloud solutions are generating a buzz that have a mix of the private and public cloud options and this space is still evolving as we speak. Hybrid cloud solutions are subject to many of the same issues that affect private cloud, public cloud and dedicated hosting. Some key issues of compliance, infrastructure dependency and network complexity still remain unresolved.

Why Versa Cloud ERP

We at Versa have created a secure cloud based multi award winning comprehensive ERP solution. It addresses key issues of the small business domain in the most effective manner possible. Our ERP is capable, affordable and easy to use.

It allows businesses to automate and optimize their operations across multiple companies, countries, and currencies with one integrated ERP system.

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