This is a 2 part series where Versa Cloud ERP guides you on how to choose the best Shopify ERP for your business.

Why are eCommerce businesses integrating with ERP?

The answer is easy with the increasing complexities eCommerce businesses are rapidly integrating with an ERP system to help centralize and manage their back-end operations.

Adopting an ERP system can make a huge difference in how you run your business and perform your daily operations.

ERP’s are invaluable to small businesses when they are scaling their operations allowing the business to save time which is better utilized in working towards the company’s goals and expanding.

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What is ERP?

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning it is a complete all-in-one solution that enables a user to manage all functions like manufacturing, finance, order management, warehouse management, billing, invoicing, and reporting from one platform. Thus, ERPs have applicability across business functions and industries.

However, the one-size fits all approach may not work leading to ERPs requiring customizations. This leads to added costs and an inflated timeline for implementation.

This is where Versa Cloud Erp’s all-in-one, simple, affordable, transparent, and customizable solution can be a game changer for you and your business.

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Why Versa Cloud ERP?

Versa Cloud ERP’s comprehensive business solution syncs easily with Shopify and provides affordable, but capable business capability with no need for any add-ons. With this, there is automatic compliance, less wasted effort, advanced inventory capability, accounting, real-time data, reporting capability, etc without the need of having deep pockets to leverage its use.

Versa Cloud ERP for Shopify: The need

Every growing business has to outgrow Excel/spreadsheets for achieving increased business performance needs as they grow, and have to deal with the limitations of legacy and standalone software. In addition to this, a business needs to adapt to new technology to maintain efficiency.

On-prem and other traditional ERPs need heavy customization to connect different sales channels especially eCommerce channels like Shopify.

With Versa Cloud ERP solution, the organization can add additional business system capabilities beyond those provided by the Shopify Platform, such as:

  • Purchasing
  • Manufacturing/Assembly
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Logistics
  • Accounting

Customers use Versa Cloud ERP Capabilities in conjunction with the Shopify Platform to deliver the most benefit to Customers with respect to automation and efficiency.

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The Versa Cloud ERP system has a Built-in Integration with Shopify. No Third-Party Connectors are required.

Due to Versa Cloud ERP’s building and management of the integration, the integration has a lot more capability than generic 3rd Party ERP to Shopify connectors.

Both in terms of keeping with Shopify Product Updates that are frequent as well as with respect to supporting Customer edge cases. For the same reason, making changes to the integration to support customer-specific requirements quickly and at a low cost. It is also possible through the regular Versa Changes Order process for customization. This is usually not possible with a 3rd Party Connector.

A Small Business in the modern day is complex and requires resources to deliver on its goals and achieve its full potential. To create a small business success story business owners need an ERP system that grows with them.

Effectively manage your financials, inventory, and production workflows with our award-winning ERP.

Let Versa Cloud Erp’s do the heavy lifting for you.

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Best ERP for SAAS companies: Versa Cloud ERP

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