Cloud Deployment Model for an ERP for Small Business

The cloud deployment model works well for SMB’s than other ERP deployment options. It offers the best bundle of advantages for contemporary small business.

One of the most prized assets for a business firm is its IT professionals. They are better utilized if they do not have to do daily operations & maintenance fire fighting tasks. Cloud ERP service provider have dedicated teams for this task. This works especially well for SMB’s that have to operate with minimal or no IT staff. It takes this onerous technical burden off their hands.

If your company is growing fast as in the case of an SMB, scalability of your ERP is a huge concern, if you use an on-premise solution. It may require adopting a new legacy on premise solution or up scaling which is a difficult and expensive task.

You could avoid this by migrating to a Cloud ERP. In a cloud ERP deployment model where you can upscale/downscale immediately, easily and affordably.

Data safety and security advantage in a cloud deployment model

Data safety and security is a huge concern for an ERP solution. Cloud Security projects are ongoing and have Billion dollar budgets and thousands of the best minds in the world improving it as we speak. Security competence on the cloud already outpaces the security competence of traditional IT environments. Security threat response is faster in a cloud environment and if breaches occur -they are contained. The security team in a cloud deployment model around the clock to prevent & fix threats which may not be the case in a traditional IT setup.

Cloud vs On premise implementation debate

Implementation of a legacy on premise ERP is a difficult and costly exercise that could drag on for months. Issues like bug resolution, IT infrastructure, training, implementation, updates, bug resolution etc crop up. In a cloud ERP deployment model, implementation is done in a matter of days. It is a matter of data migration, training and creating permissions as the solution is already there on the cloud. Most leading cloud ERP’s provide easy data migration possibilities from a legacy ERP solution. In most cases in a Cloud ERP implementation, basic IT infrastructure can suffice.

Why the VersaCloud ERP

We at Versa offer a secure comprehensive ERP solution. It is cloud deployment model ERP. The Versa Small Business Cloud ERP system is accessible anytime, anywhere on any smart mobile device.

The award winning Versa ERP is highly capable, affordable and easy to use.

Fast growing businesses, between $1-$50M in annual revenue, looking to upgrade business management solutions will find it invaluable for business.

Our ERP is inherently ready for use in diverse business verticals. You can optimize operations across multiple entities, geographies and currencies with one ERP solution.

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