Why is Inventory Control capability important for SMB’s?

As a distributor, inventory often represents the largest investment your make in your business. It must be managed well. Inventory Control can be used to maximize customer satisfaction while at the same time generating positive cash flows and profitability.

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The Need

Many distributors start out using simple accounting products that can invoice customers, manage banking and produce month-end accounts, but which don’t include tools to manage inventory. They often use spreadsheets which become irrelevant as they grow. However, as the business expands its range of products, wins more customers, and faces more complicated orders, a fully automated and integrated inventory control system becomes a “must have”. This allows the business to provide complete visibility and accuracy on every transaction, for every customer, every time.

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A Cloud ERP and Inventory Control

A Cloud ERP could easily do that and give an SMB the following benefits:

  1. Having a Single System for Inventory and Accounting
  2. Knowing Exactly How Much Inventory You Have
  3. Knowing Exactly Where Your Inventory is Located
  4. Tracking Assembled Items More Accurately
  5. Managing Inventory in Different Units of Measure
  6. Being Better Able to Count and Value Inventory
  7. Knowing How to use Inventory More Efficiently
  8. Being Able to Better Set Expectations with Customers
  9. Being Able to Plan More Effectively
  10. Providing for Improved Efficiency Through Automation

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Why Versa

We at Versa offer a one stop cloud ERP solution that integrates all business functions. It has top of the line features for inventory management while being affordable and easy to use.

2018 Stevie Gold-American Business Awards, Silver in 2017 Best in Biz Awards, 5/5 Capterra User Rating, etc- demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement.

We will help you in a structured manner to migrate your data seamlessly from QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, MYOB, Sage, SAP Business One, Epicor, Infor, etc when you make the decision.

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Best ERP for SAAS companies: Versa Cloud ERP

Best ERP for SAAS companies: Versa Cloud ERP

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