Running a fast-growing Shopify Store with multiple entities, warehouses, and channels managing a business in 2021 is a challenge. The businesses put all support operations on the back burner to juggle the complexities. This further complicates support and navigating a tedious job.

Versa provides cloud-based apps that sync with leading eCommerce platforms, like Shopify, to simplify your business’s backend processes.

The Versa for eCommerce Basic is now FREE!

Versa for eCommerce App

Good News

The Versa for eCommerce Basic is now FREE!

With Versa and your online marketplace app, you’ll have everything you need to run your eCommerce operation with ease. From inventory, shipping, and receiving to returns, refunds, and accounting, Versa handles it all.

We understand how essential is it to consider the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your processes. And Versa Cloud ERP for eCommerce offers both in an all-in-one app that you can access for FREE.

The Versa Cloud ERP for eCommerce Basic Plan gives you access to all the premium features for as long as you want—until you’re ready to take the next big step to grow your business. It’s a deal!

Do you wonder how a stress-free, convenient, and efficient operation management feels like? Good news-it can be your reality now!

Versa for eCommerce App

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and start automating your business processes, maximizing productivity, and accelerate growth.

Imagine Managing your Shopify Store from one dashboard.




✔️Drop Shipping & Direct Shipping


✔️Warehouse Management

✔️Returns & Refunds

✔️Bill Pay & Payment Receipt

✔️Financial Accounting

✔️Reporting and Business Intelligence


Say “sayonara” to spreadsheets.

Versa unifies all your backend processes into a single dashboard and automates the redundant steps that are holding you back.

Simplify stocking and shipping.

With powerful, built-in inventory management and shipping capabilities, you can manage everything in one place — without having to bounce between multiple systems.

Click and go.

Versa auto-syncs with online marketplace software, like Shopify, so you can be up and running and ship your first order in minutes.

We promise to give you an experience when you sign up for the Versa Cloud ERP for Shopify today.

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Do you ever wonder how stress-free, convenient, and efficient operation management feels like?


Take Versa Cloud ERP Shopify App for a spin!