In Part 1 of the series where Versa Cloud ERP highlighted the need for a Shopify ERP. In Part 2 we will see in detail the benefits a business can derive from an ERP

Benefits Shopify Businesses can derive from an ERP

1. Growing Complexity

As a business expands, there is a considerable change in the business activities. Inventory, Order Processing, Shipping, and fulfillment operations also expand. And these operations get complex with the size of the business.

In addition, as a business adds sales channels, each requires its own warehouses, dropshipping facility, logistics, sales and order management, and reporting. Also, the business may have both wholesale and retail. To handle these operations efficiently, you need a system that is robust and scalable. All of this can be accomplished on one integrated platform such as Versa Cloud ERP

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2. Fulfillment Options

One of the main aims of any business is customer satisfaction. This translates to quick, easy, and seamless delivery to the customers. Expanding businesses with multiple sales channels leads to an influx of a greater number of orders. This leads to fulfillment processes becoming more complex, as now there are multiple warehouses and dropshipping.

With an integrated all-in-one ERP that can automate complex order fulfillment workflows. Users can get real-time updates and access stock levels to ensure the sales are met.

An example of this is Versa Cloud ERP’s robust PO planner is a tool that allows a business to make purchasing decisions based on factors that a user can set up as per their business requirements. This intuitive tool automates the purchasing workflow enabling businesses to ensure smooth operations across warehouses and entities.

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3. Inventory Management

Multichannel operations or large-scale inventory management can make inventory management difficult. When a business operates both on a retail front and eCommerce store businesses need to make sure the store and the online front are synced across in real time.

An eCommerce ERP integration becomes vital at this point. For a seamless experience, it is important for the ERP solution to have all integrations built in without any third-party connectors. In addition, without any third-party connectors businesses can handle large order volumes.

Versa Cloud ERP’s ERP solution is pre-built with Shopify integrations that are managed in-house enabling businesses to process large order volumes and provide real-time updates to the business.

4. Reporting and Analytics

Business owners are always keen to gather insights about the performance of a business from the ground. This makes reporting and analytics a crucial part of their decision-making process. Having access to real-time information on business functions can be made more accessible and visible, which will enable businesses to maximize profit margins.

In Versa Cloud ERP our interactive dashboard’s widgets users can monitor and analyze areas the business is profitable and the areas that need more focus to achieve growth. The dashboard gives users a quick view of daily operations which makes decision-making easier and quicker.

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5. User Experience

Every business solution strives to provide a seamless experience to its user. This means and easy to navigate website, quick shipment, easy return, and simple and secure payment processes. Therefore, a business will need an ERP that can integrate your sales channels, payment methods, shipping, and logistics partners.

Versa Cloud ERP’s 3PL integrations with eCommerce platforms like Shopify and major shipping and payment carriers make all backend operations a breeze. Allowing businesses to focus on strategies to meet the growing consumer needs.

6. Scale of Business

The main focus of any business is scalability. This means a business-to-ERP fit is very important and using the right platform is very crucial for its growth. One-size-fits-alls ERPs may not be your best bet. Along with being a weight on your budget, they are rigid and customizations can be a time-consuming activity.

Versa Cloud ERP is an all-in-one ERP solution that is built to grow with you and move into the future. Versa’s solution can provide multi-entity multi-currency and omni-channel businesses with all the core functionality they need, along with purpose-built integrations. Our in-house API capability can help achieve any integration/customization a business needs. Versa Cloud ERP does the heavy lifting for you while your business grows.

A Small Business in the modern day is complex and requires resources to deliver on its goals and achieve its full potential. To create a small business success story business owners need an ERP system that grows with them.

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