Why is Reporting important ?

Businesses need to be able to present information in an organized format. A reporting and BI software does just that. Versa Cloud ERP does that for you, our reporting and BI tools analyze data and provide a visually easy read.

Versa Cloud ERP let businesses manage complex financials and review them in finer detail

The Versa Standard Edition is a modern all-in-one business management solution created for fast-growing businesses moving to the next level.

1.Reports: Versa Cloud ERP enables multiple reports/reporting structures for a business for robust decision making.

2.Statement Imports/Exports: For any business, it is important for a smooth flow and transition between the existing applications. Versa ensures easy imports and exports of statements and data.

3.Customizable: Along with providing a set of standard built-in reporting Versa also allows for businesses to tailor reports according to the needs of the business.

  • Financials Reports supporting Multiple Currencies
  • Operational Reports supporting Inventory functions
  • Provides consolidated reports and comparative reports

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Versa Cloud ERP reporting mechanism supports multiple reports to suit all your business needs. The reports covered are:

  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Aged Receivables Reports
  • Aged Payables Reports
  • Cash Flow Reports
  • Inventory Reports

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The reporting and BI are the focal points that allow businesses to draw focus on aspects of business via our set formats and customizations. They also enable the business to manage various functions and assist in forecasting accurately to make decisions with certainty.

Real-time reporting:

The reporting is real-time and made customized to your requirements; to forecast and provide insights meaningful to your business. Versa Cloud ERP offers an interactive dashboard with drill-down capabilities with customizable widgets. In addition to simplifying the reporting, Versa allows businesses to set up a global currency for the company to view the reports in; while maintaining individual currencies for each entity.

Versa Cloud ERP Reporting


Set up Dimensions to get meaningful custom reporting insights like pricing levels, departments, and sales channels.

Dimensions can be used to fine-tune reporting for the business allowing decision-makers to see their business from every angle.

Versa Cloud ERP Dimensions

Both the reports and Widgets can use multi-dimensional General ledger capabilities to analyze data to the finest granularity possible covering all the domains for the business.

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