Third-Party Integrations

At Versa Cloud ERP we believe that running a modern business requires using multiple business systems, of which we are just one. With that in mind, we are focused on offering a cloud ERP solution capable of integrating with pre-existing standard third-party integrations like CRM, Logistics, Banking Payment, and other products and services that customers might need.

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Versa Cloud ERP Third-party integrations: Overview

  1. Finance: Versa Cloud ERP has preset integration available for ACH Gateway, Credit card gateway, and Expense management applications
  2. Sales and Logistics: Sales and Logistics are an integral part of a business and we at Versa understand the needs of our users, therefore Versa has built-in capabilities for POS Software and Terminals, shipping software, pick/pack/ship order fulfillment, and 3PL services and time tracking.
  3. eCommerce: At Versa Cloud ERP we support multi-channel e-commerce order/inventory management hubs and online marketplace, along with an E-commerce platform to make ERP an ALL-IN-ONE solution for your business

In addition, Versa Cloud ERP also offers integration with specific vendors for e-commerce:

Versa third party integrations

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Versa Cloud ERP & Third Party Integrations: For Order Fulfillment

Increasingly Versa customers use the services of one or more 3rd party Logistics Providers (3PL) to fulfill customer Orders. Some Customers use 3PLs exclusively. Others use them in combination with their warehouses and retail locations. The Versa Cloud ERP system can support any variety of the above fulfillment locations and methods. This publication discusses how the Versa Cloud ERP system can be used by Customers that utilize the services of a 3PLs for customer Order Fulfillment by examining 3 business processes:

  • Customer Order Fulfillment
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory Synchronization

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Customer Order Fulfillment

Customer Order Fulfillment-related information can be exchanged between the business using Versa and their 3PL in multiple ways. For example, if the business uses Shopify the customer Order Fulfillment information may be received and updated by the 3PL by accessing the Shopify Platform. Following that, the Order
Fulfillment Data can flow from Shopify to Versa.

third party integrations- customer order fulfillment

Or if the business uses a 3rd Party Shipping Solution like ShipStation the Customer Order Fulfillment information may be received and updated by the 3PL by accessing ShipStation.

third party integrations customer order fulfillment

Additionally, Customer Order Fulfillment information may be received and updated by the 3PL by accessing Versa directly as well.

third party integrations customer order fulfillment


For a 3PL to Fulfill a Customer’s Order they need the ability to Recieve and Stock goods that will be used for Customer Order Fulfillment. The diagram below shows the flow of information that is necessary for the business using Versa to Order goods from the Supplier and the 3PL that must Recieve and Stock the goods against
the Supplier Order.

third party integrations purchasing

Inventory Update

Finally, it is important to ensure that the Inventory tracked by the 3PL in their ERP system matches the Inventory in Versa. This requires that Versa allow for adjustment of Inventory levels as needed from time to time based on Inventory Level information received by the business from the 3PL.

Third-party Integrations Methods and Technologies

The previous sections of this publication discussed the 3 key groups of information flows between a business using Versa and their 3PL. These flows of information can occur manually via file transfer and emails for example or via automation that is achieved by integrating the Versa system with the system used by the 3PL. Many methods exist for integration and all are supported by the Versa Cloud ERP system including:

  • Import/Export and file transfer
  • Third-Party Connectors
  • Integration via Third Party and e-Commerce and Shipping Software
  • EDI


A popular technology to integrate Versa with a 3PL is EDI. Implementing an EDI-based integration requires the customers to sign up with a 3rd Party EDI Gateway Provider like SPS Commerce. Some of the common Transaction Sets exchanged between Versa and a 3PL include the following:

Customer Order Fulfillment

  • PO(850) Sent to 3PL by Versa
  • ASN (856) Sent by 3PL to Versa


  • PO(850) Sent to 3PL by Versa
  • Receiving Advice (861) Sent to Versa by 3PL

Inventory Update

  • Inv Inquiry/Advice (846) Sent by 3PL to Versa

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