A Cloud ERP Solution Could Be the Choice to Make

Moving to a cloud ERP solution could be the choice that could transform your business capability. Using an ERP system on the cloud could be more secure than you might think. Current levels of cloud security challenge and surpass even those of on-premise systems.

Cloud-based systems can allow SMB’s to have the same functionality and tools that were earlier out of reach for them.

Cloud-based applications are available in different architectures, and pricing structures will vary. The different formats are: SaaS (software as a service), IaaS (infrastructure as a service) or PaaS (a cloud-based platform as a service).

Some of the Advantages

Even if you are outsourcing your IT infrastructure work and managing sub contractors, it could be another management headache in an on premise scenario apart from the investment nightmare.

Solution vendors provide the backups, system monitoring, hardware/software maintenance and user support in a cloud based solution. Companies can free up resources for other activities that can’t be outsourced and you don’t need to do significant additional investments in the cloud model.

The cloud takes ERP to a whole new level with the ability to do business anytime, anywhere, and from any device with internet access.

The cloud is already the preferred choice for ERP solutions. It provides affordability, anytime/anywhere access, lower financial & investment entry barriers as well as minimal set up times.

The Security question

The cloud is one of the most secure IT environments with the billion dollar security budgets and top of the line talent working on it. The cloud is already more secure than traditional IT models.

  • A cloud ERP solution is protected through firewalls and users remain outside the core application and database.
  • Cloud-based ERP systems have higher security models to better protect data from tampering, internally and externally, say experts.
  • Data safety & recovery is better with automated backup and remote location of servers on the cloud.

The indicators for the need of Cloud ERP adoption

Some of the catalysts accelerating the continued growth of cloud ERP solutions are:

  • Since 2013, net license revenues for traditional ERP systems have been surpassed by revenues from SaaS solutions. PwC’s forecast of the total SaaS market in 2015 has showed this. This was a key inflection point showing cloud ERP’s rising dominance in the enterprise software space.
  • Cloud ERP solutions are inherently native and well integrated with enterprise mobilityOn premise ERP systems support volume driven business models and are traditionally not mobility friendly. A 2014 KPMG study-“2014 Cloud Survey Report: Elevating Business in the Cloud” said enabling mobile workforces was the second-highest cloud computing priority for CIOs in 2015.

Why Versa Cloud ERP

The Versa Cloud ERP is a secure, cloud based, multiple award winning and comprehensive solution. It addresses key issues of the small business domain in the most effective manner possible.

Our solution works well for fast growing SMB’s, looking to upgrade business management solutions. It is easy to use, capable and affordable.

Our solution allows businesses to optimize their operations across multiple companies, countries, and currencies with one solution.

We will help you in a structured manner to migrate your data seamlessly from your current solution.

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