Our Quest to be one of the most popular Accounting Software for Small Businesses

What is Accounting?

Accounting is simply a way a business manages and keeps track of its operations. In other words, business accounting is the process of recording, analyzing, and interpreting transactions financial or otherwise.

With growing complexity, businesses find it difficult to keep track of their operations.

Hence, the need for effective accounting software is even more relevant today.

The background of the need for Accounting Software

SMB’s today are at a crossroads, they few new daunting challenges as they face a digitally connected business world that accepts no excuses for compromises in performance. They now cannot claim not to have access to top-line functionalities in business solutions as the cloud has leveled the playing field.

Some SMB’s are now looking for a new business accounting system because they have outgrown entry-level accounting products like Intuit QuickBooks and need something more capable to continue growing. QuickBooks was one of the most popular accounting software. Others have mid-tier ERP systems that are obsolete and cannot meet the needs of a modern connected business. Some want to get away from the burden of managing their own servers and ERP software. Fast-growing small businesses now wish to leverage the palpable business advantages of a modern cloud ERP system.

Unfortunately, very few solutions today are built ground up with the SMB in mind. Most cloud ERP solutions are watered-down versions of their enterprise model.

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Why Versa Cloud ERP as an Accounting Software?

We were founded with the vision to be one of the most popular accounting software for SMB’s in North America. We actually became a one-stop comprehensive cloud ERP. Versa Cloud ERP takes pride in the fact that our software offers top-of-the-line functionalities and features for small businesses. It is a capable but simple online accounting software for small businesses to use and can do a lot more. It covers virtually all aspects of the business while also aiming to be the best accounting software for online sellers.

Versa Cloud ERP was founded on a mission to serve the needs of SMB’s since its inception. We have spent over 5 years creating the most modern, versatile, and easy-to-use small business cloud ERP solution available for SMB’s.

The Versa Cloud ERP system allows businesses to optimize their operations across multiple companies, countries, and currencies with one system.

The key accounting features of our Versa Cloud ERP solution are:

  • Multi entity accounting
  • Financial capabilities included in the Core ERP Modules include: General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Management, Fixed Asset Management
  • Drill down to the minutest detail possible
  • 24X7 anytime and anywhere access including on the go
  • Affordable and easier on the pocket
  • Accuracy and real-time updating of data
  • Inbuilt Security

For more on our key features.

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The Difference and Key Features of Versa Cloud ERP

At Versa Cloud ERP our focus is to help our customers achieve game-changing business outcomes in ways that were never possible before. Our customers are those businesses that entry-level accounting solutions like QuickBooks cannot serve, and traditional mid-tier ERP providers choose not to.

To do this we have had to reimagine and reinvent almost everything about the process of buying, learning, and implementing a small business ERP system to make it quick, easy, capable, and affordable.

For example, we eliminated unnecessary steps in traditional processes starting with the ERP system evaluation all the way through deployment and use. Then we automated where possible. Finally, we maximized self-service. Because of this, we were able to include implementation in the product at no extra charge.

Do business accounting and much more with Versa Cloud ERP

The Recognition of our efforts

Don’t just take our word; take a look at our recent recognitions:

  • 2018 Stevie Gold Winner-American Business Awards
  • Capterra 5/5 User Rating
  • 2017 Best in Biz Awards Silver
  • Finances Online 2017 Award: Great User Experience
  • Finances Online 2017 Award: Rising Star
  • The Cloud Awards 2017-18: Finalist
  • 2018 Software Advice: Frontrunners
  • The SaaS Awards 2018: Shortlist

We recently made it to this list:

23 Amazing Business Accounting Software for Small Businesses in 2021


We at Versa Cloud ERP have created a multi-award-winning, secure, comprehensive Cloud ERP solution that is e-commerce and mobility ready. The Versa Small Business Cloud ERP dba Versa system is accessible anytime and on any smart mobile device. It provides support for e-Commerce and Multi-Channel Retail includes integration with 3rd party e-commerce platforms as well as POS systems.

In addition, the Versa Cloud ERP system for small businesses includes the ability to remotely manage Master Data on multiple e-commerce and POS systems including product description, pricing, images, etc.

It is affordable and targeted towards small businesses and is backed by a promise of dedicated support. It is being used by clients in diverse verticals and could help you redefine the way you operate and grow your business.

Our solution is designed for fast-growing small businesses, between $1-$50 M in annual revenue, looking to upgrade business management solutions like entry-level accounting products or mid-tier legacy on-premise ERP systems or even those looking at comprehensive and affordable ERP solutions.

Built from the ground up on the latest cloud and mobile technology, the Versa Cloud ERP system allows businesses to automate and optimize their operations across multiple companies, countries, and currencies with one integrated ERP system.

We will help you in a structured manner to migrate your data seamlessly from Epicor, Infor, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, MYOB, Sage, SAP Business One, etc when you make the decision.

Let’s make accounting easy with Versa Cloud ERP.

Versa Cloud ERP pricing begins at USD $1,800 per year (1 User) for access to all Versa ERP modules and integrations and a one-time setup & migration fee of USD $4,500.

Capterra User Reviews give us a 4.8 out of 5 ratings and we are working on closing the gap further.

Why an accounting software important for business accounting? To answer this and many more questions please visit www.versaccounts.com or contact us directly.

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