What the Cloud ERP stands for greater adoption & relevance

The increasing adoption of the Cloud ERP demonstrates its greater relevance which is what the Cloud ERP stands for. A study by Gartner in 2013 advised CIO’s and financial institutions to adopt cloud ERP solutions to replace legacy systems. Gartner surveyed small to big firms from all the other major regions of the world . The key finding was that close to half of all organizations surveyed planned to move to the cloud in five years and only 30% preferred to stay  on premise.

What 2 tier ERP stands for

A 2-tier ERP system that has elements of both legacy and cloud ERP systems. As per ERP expert Louis Columbus, If they had surveyed about adoptions of a 2-tier ERP system, the data on cloud adoption or interest would be far higher than the Gartner findings. A 2-tier system may not be effective as there are issues of compatibility, data porting and duplication of effort due to multiple solutions. The trend however shows the recognition of advantages that cloud ERP solutions offer to businesses globally.

What legacy on-premise ERP stands for

Most legacy ERP systems lack scalability possibilities without substantial investment and find it difficult to support new compliance challenges that forever changing.

They also don’t have the data models to support new quality management and compliance requirements and require additional solutions to work with them. This involves inevitable juggling between multiple standalone solutions. Legacy systems are without cross-enterprise integration in real time.

The advantages provided by the Cloud ERP

Cloud-based manufacturing software adoption may increase from 22% in 2013 to 45% in 2023 as per a 2013 MintJutras survey . This trend continues at a faster rate than the predictions.

Mobility is unifying the manufacturing shop floor to the top floor faster than one can think of. There is now a high level of interest in analytics, alerts, transactions and approvals on smart mobile devices. In legacy on premise ERP systems mobile platforms were used in a limited manner compared to cloud ERP solutions. The cloud is inherently far more mobility ready and ready for device diversity with real time data and transactions than legacy systems are or will ever be.

What the Versa ERP stands for

We at Versa have created a secure cloud based one stop comprehensive ERP solution that is e-commerce and mobility ready. The Versa Small Business Cloud ERP system is accessible anytime, and on any smart mobile device. Our solution is designed with industry best practices and consistent with regulatory requirements.

It has been created to take care of all the business needs and concerns for operating your business effectively.  Our ERP is capable, affordable, easy to use and is backed by a promise of dedicated support.

Versa Cloud ERP is designed for fast growing businesses, between $1-$50M in annual revenue.

There are customization options with easy migration from your legacy solution. The Versa Cloud ERP system allows businesses to operate across multiple companies, countries, and currencies with one solution.

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