Versa eCommerce is built for a modern versatile business that makes managing a Shopify Store easy. With automatic inventory and order sync let’s explore Product Sync.

Shopify & Versa: Product Sync

Match Product: When an order is imported from Shopify, it needs to be determined if the product being ordered is in Versa. A business can either use the Part number of the product (preferred) or use an SKU product identifier. To load an SKU in Versa use the Product Identifier Import in the Getting Started menu. A business uses the SKU field of a product variant in Shopify to search for the same product in Versa. Versa recommends you use Part Number.

Skip price updates: Generally, Versa pushes the prices of products to Shopify. A user can turn this setting on and Versa will skip the price updates. Price update happens once a day. If it is off, you manage the price of products in Shopify.

Skip inventory updates: Versa will push the inventory of products in Versa to Shopify. Turn this on if you do not want the inventory to be updated in Shopify. Inventory update happens once a day.

Auto Adjustment Of Inventory When Importing Order From Webstores:  When the user imports a  new Shopify order in Versa and the product is out of stock. A user can do an automatic inventory adjustment to increase the inventory just enough to fulfill the new order. The Automatic Inventory Adjustment settings is under the Setup Menu > Entity Feature Setting

Product collection to match facility: Versa allows users to specify certain collections in Shopify to be stocked at different facilities in Versa. Turn this on and you can enter the collections to match products to. Versa recommends to not use this unless required.

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