Mobile ERP and the Cloud

What is the connection?

The native Cloud ERP is truly a Mobile ERP. A Cloud ERP built for now has to be mobile ready if it is to be relevant. More businesses are realizing the untapped potential of enterprise mobility. ERP vendors have to provide mobile ready enterprise solutions with accurate data and transactions including on the go. The age of the mobile ERP has arrived.

Decisions become more accurate and timely with no decision lag times.

Enterprise mobility is now a must have and not just an add-on. More businesses moving to the cloud to automate processes and optimize them in an increasingly mobile world.

Today’s mobile ERP solutions help enterprises enhance operational performance and productivity.

Cloud-based Mobile ERP systems of today allow managers to review reports and transactions– with anytime, anywhere access.

The Mobility Revolution and the ERP space

Businesses should leverage the flexibility of enterprise mobility delivered with secure cloud services and comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software applications.

Compatibility with mobile devices is a must have for a cloud ERP.

Those SaaS applications that do not reside on the cloud would need additional efforts to make them accessible via mobile devices.

Only a handful of cloud ERP vendors are truly 100% cloud based and these can offer BYOD friendly solutions in a truly Mobile ERP.

Then, now and the future

Mobility will now move away from proprietary platforms designed just for monitoring and running the shop floor. It is now being enabled to running a business across functions, geographies and entities across all business verticals and functions.

In the future, mobility enabled ERP will have huge implications for field staff & decision makers in any function and just about any business domain worth its salt.

This is leading us towards ERP systems reporting the financial outcomes and shop-floor decisions in real time with the help of the BI and analytics feature.

The ability to manage manufacturing using alerts and real-time status delivered over mobile devices is already here. True cloud-based Mobile ERP applications will make it much easier for the enterprise to make better data driven business decisions with real time updated data, better reporting, forecasts and more accurate forecasts.

Why Versa Cloud ERP

Why is the Versa Cloud ERP the right choice for a fast growing small business!

Every successful business eventually outgrows Excel spreadsheets and old software. If you are looking for new software that eliminates post-it notes, spreadsheets, and add-ons consider Versa Cloud ERP.

Versa ERP formerly VersAccounts is a modern all-in-one software created for fast growing inventory heavy manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce businesses moving to the next level. It is more powerful than old software used by your larger competitors, yet simple and affordable enough for use in businesses like yours.

Yearly fees start at USD $1,800 per year for all of the capabilities included in the Versa software including financials, AR/AP, manufacturing, inventory, warehouse, shipping/receiving, logistics, projects, CRM, B2B/B2C e-Commerce and more.

Setup is self-service with guidance provided by Versa making it quick and inexpensive.

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