St. James of London creates luxury skincare, fragrance, and grooming products for the modern man. The company’s products grace the shelves of the world’s most admired haberdashers, barbershops, and resorts. Founded in 1953, St. James of London was re-launched in 2013 using many of the same all-natural formulas and continuing the tradition of making products in small batches to ensure quality and consistency.

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At Versa, we’re proud to partner with a business that is both steeped in history and yet on the forefront of technology. St. James of London is a true Small Biz Hero, having transformed itself from a brick-and-mortar based regional business to a global, direct-to-consumer e-commerce company.

By unifying its frontend online store (powered by Shopify) with its backend operations (powered by Versa), the company delivers exceptional experiences for customers. Today, St. James of London operates multiple warehouse facilities, multiple currencies, and a growing range of products — all supported and scaled with Versa Cloud ERP.

Versa consistently checks our ERP needs

“Previously we used NetSuite, which by most accounts is highly complex, overpriced, and laborious to onboard,” says Todd Fisher, CEO of St. James of London. “We looked at various ERP solutions that would be reasonably affordable, easy to onboard, easy to use, and robust enough to accommodate our needs. Versa consistently checked our boxes of needs and wants. Just one regret — we wish we would have found them sooner.”

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Company: St. James of London

Industry: Manufacturing and distribution

Applications Replaced: NetSuite

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