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E-commerce has entered a period of rapid growth, with online sales expected to account for over 20% of total retail spending globally by 2025. As consumer behavior and technologies continue evolving, more businesses are embracing digital storefronts to meet surging demand.

To provide seamless journeys that retain loyal shoppers, retailers require integrated ERP solutions. Tailored technology removes data barriers and streamlines workflows connecting sales, order management, delivery, and more. Automation breaks down departmental walls to keep information flowing freely. With operations synchronized from end to end, management gains the visibility and control to identify opportunities, optimize processes, and continuously enhance both the customer experience and the bottom line. Unified platforms are the key to operational excellence in today’s retail landscape.

Connecting Commerce: Creating a Seamless Workflow between the Retail Business and the e-commerce channels

When shopping online, modern consumers expect personalized engagement, flexible fulfillment, and premium service. Meeting these demands is not possible without technology infrastructure unifying data and processes from initial browse to product delivery.

Leading cloud ERP platforms like Versa Cloud ERP integrate everything e-commerce managers need to fulfill orders, manage finances, and analyze results in one intuitive package. With capabilities made for omnichannel retail’s unique requirements, Versa delivers enterprise-grade power on an accessible cloud platform to streamline operations for online sellers of any size.

Orchestrating Omnichannel Order Fulfillment

One major stress point for e-commerce operations is order fulfillment. As sales volumes rise, merchants struggle to handle order management efficiently, warehouse picking/packing, inventory allocation, shipping logistics, and returns. Lagging processes result in unsatisfied buyers and strained resources.

Versa Cloud ERP helps merchants accelerate omnichannel order fulfillment through workflows. These workflows can be customized as per the requirements of a business. As purchases occur, the system can undertake workflows like deduction from inventory, shipment creation, packing slip printing, and customer notifications based on customizable business rules unique to each seller.

Streamlined flows enable high-volume order orchestration from capture to warehouse fulfillment to final delivery, helping eCommerce managers meet demand while minimizing operational costs and operational time. The biggest beneficiary is the customer, who enjoys rapid, accurate delivery.

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Unifying Visibility Across Inventory, Sales and Fulfillment

Supporting omnichannel models has increased inventory management complexity for modern merchants. Meeting consumer expectations now requires real-time visibility and smart controls across physical shops, online stores, wholesale outlets, drop-ship networks, and more.

Versa Cloud ERP provides absolute clarity into stock levels and movement across channels through unified monitoring and tracking.

Delivering Seamless Omnichannel Journeys

Today’s consumers engage with retailers across various online and offline touchpoints, demanding flexible options and continuity when researching and buying. Supporting these interconnected journeys is vital for customer loyalty.

Versa Cloud ERP helps merchants deliver seamless omnichannel experiences by unifying data and processes across physical and digital channels. Cross-channel order management, for example, enables inventory visibility and flexibility consumers expect.

Securing Payments While Enabling Choice

With the payment landscape continually shifting, eCommerce sellers must balance choice and security to succeed. Customers expect versatile options – cards, mobile wallets, installment financing, etc. – alongside robust fraud protection when paying online.

Versa Cloud ERP enables safe, flexible payments through open API connectivity with leading gateways like Stripe and PayPal alongside major card networks. Tokenized card storage for recurring billing and multi-currency invoice generation provides versatility without introducing risk.

Leverage Versa Cloud ERP to Simplify Your eCommerce

As eCommerce continues evolving alongside changing consumer preferences, retailers require solutions that unify and optimize processes while enabling business model flexibility. Versa Cloud ERP empowers online merchants to streamline complex operations, deliver exceptional journeys, and simplify management with enterprise-grade capabilities on an accessible platform.

By connecting channels, data, and activities from product click to customer delivery, Versa provides the right-sized power allowing small-to-medium e-commerce managers to focus on innovation and growth rather than maintenance.

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