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Cloud ERP solutions are all the rage in the market right now. A cloud ERP solution is an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) based on the cloud of a vendor rather than on-premise. This allows the users/businesses the flexibility of being able to access and do businesses from anywhere and to be tied up.

Why Versa Cloud ERP?

Versa Cloud ERP is the best ERP for inventory-heavy businesses and offers an intelligent and affordable solution for complex businesses. Versa allows a business to manage functions like Financials, Inventory, and Production with ease.

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Versa Cloud ERP solution for Assembly and Distribution Company

Assembly and Distribution Companies are inventory heavy.

The business in discussion is a railroad equipment assembly and distribution company. The company used to be part of a much larger, multi-national business. Then, a few years ago the parent company decided to spin off the business unit and sold it to the unit owner.

The parent company had deployed SAP on a mainframe computer for their ERP solution. The same SAP capabilities were needed by Jon in his new business, but his much smaller company did not have a SAP-sized budget.

High on the businesses list of must-have capabilities was the ability of his ERP system to support the complete set of capabilities needed by a complex distribution business all in one system ‐ drop-shipping, shipping and receiving, flexible order packing for complicated invoices, large multi-level bill of materials, and multiple ship-to addresses for a single customer.

You too can scale your business with Versa Cloud ERP

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You too can scale your business with Versa Cloud ERP

The ability to track gross margins on a sales order basis was also critical for his business. The system needed to be able to track all revenues and expenses arising from a sales order to ensure that each sale was profitable on its own. The system also needed the ability to ensure all sales orders we completely delivered and all delivered items we invoiced and paid for so that revenue leakage was prevented via items falling through the cracks.

Unlike traditional ERP systems, the Versa Cloud ERP software did not have to be customized for the business’s requirements. This was because the technologies used to build the Versa Cloud ERP solution have evolved over the past several decades to support configuration via option settings and an application programming interface (API). This is a huge improvement over the traditional way customization was accomplished by re-writing parts of the business system software (source code) itself.

Based on a careful evaluation, the business found that the Standard Edition of the Versa Cloud ERP Small Business Cloud ERP system would meet the needs of his new business at less than one-tenth of the cost of a traditional ERP system like SAP Business One. No integrations with third-party, add-on products were required because Versa’s system already has all of the capabilities the business needed.

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Best ERP for SAAS companies: Versa Cloud ERP

Best ERP for SAAS companies: Versa Cloud ERP

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