Purchase Management is a crucial function in a modern 21st-century enterprise. Businesses require a modern solution to manage the complex purchase workflow, track the levels of inventory at various stages of their product life cycle, measure and meet shortages, complex BOM’s and a PO planner to effectively manage levels of inventory.

Versa Cloud ERP provided End-to-End control of purchase workflows. 

The Versa for eCommerce Basic is now FREE!

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The Versa for eCommerce Basic is now FREE!

Key highlights of the Versa Cloud ERP’s Purchase Management Feature

Purchase to Pay

Versa Cloud ERP supports the procurement of raw material, finished goods, or services by providing visibility and control of the entire purchase life cycle. In the purchase life cycle, Versa tracks the receiving of inventory from various suppliers via a robust reporting mechanism that provides information on Inventory, Inventory on hand, product listing, BOM, quantities on work orders, and shipped/packed orders. In addition, Versa also provides insight into cash flow and financial commitment. Enabling the business to keep a keen eye on all parts of the purchase to pay cycle from purchasing, receiving, paying for, and accounting for goods.

Complex BOM

Versa Cloud ERP can manage complex BOMs for the business with the built-in mechanism in the solution.

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PO Planner

Versa Cloud ERP provides a built-in PO planner. An intelligent system, Versa PO planner assesses and allows you to determine your purchasing needs based on factors such as quantity set for backorders, minimal stocking levels, quantities allocated to work order, etc.  This enables automating the purchasing pattern for the entities, with factors that make sense to your business.

Versa is a versatile system that allows business to automate their workflow. One such automation is demonstrated with the Purchase order workflow, which automatically updates the inventory as a PO is posted and created a bill/receipt, so if you have 1 vendor or 100 Versa has got your business needs covered.

Inventoried View

Versa Cloud ERP provides an in-depth view of all products making it easy to manage complex BOMs.  This also lists the inventory available at various locations enabling businesses to plan the purchases and maintain optimal levels at all times.

Versa Cloud ERP- Inventory Management


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