A kit in Versa Cloud ERP is a group of products sold together.  For example, a basket of beauty products/any bundle products, that may contain lotion, soap, scrubbers, and bubble baths. Versa does not inventory the kit as a whole but does by the parts that are within the kit.

Shopify and KITS: 

To create a kit in Versa Cloud ERP, you have to start with a “non-inventory” product, this will literally be the “name” of the kit.  Enter the SKU from Shopify, or your product name/number in the product name box, and the description under the description area.
After you do that, you will go to Products, kit, New Kit.  Select the name of the non-inventory product you just created.  Then, you will add the inventoried products to the kit, and you can put the quantity of that product.  Continue to add products until your kit is complete.  (you can put inventoried items and non inventoried items in a kit)

Please note, only first-line items can be used, not trading names. So if you have an item with 10 trading names, you can only use the main product in the kit.


To set prices for the whole Kit click on the Set Prices button when you creating the non inventoried product (or just update the price for that product).
The user has a second option to set prices for the items that the kit contains.

Example of the structure of the Kit:
Kit1(the price is not set up):
– 1x item1 – 1 USD
– 2x item2 – 2 USD
So the price for the whole kit is 5 USD.

You can set up the price for the whole Kit (non inventoried product) and for the items that the kit contains. In the Sales Order, if you remove the price for the whole kit, the prices for the items will be used instead.

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